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Another Sun Certified MAD!
Where to find my test score?
I understand group well, but what is exactly a role? What are the differences between them?
I thought SCJP is too easy to not pass at beginning. But now my opinion changed. From about 20+ people (all with degree of BS or MS in CS) I know, the first time passing rate is about 85%. In other words, 15% of them failed the first attempt.
"An example is the use of EJB context to acquire a bean's object interface. Until the bean is fully established, there is no way for a bean to acquire its own reference" -- Howard Kushner's book.
Are there other examples? Should the relationship code be placed in this method?
For Howard Kushner's example, why session bean has no such need?
what is the difference between these two as in CLDC1.1 API:
1. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
2. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException
I just passed the 484's sample test from Prime. No where mention that a voucher is coming to me, Not in the email either. Is this the same thing for those who already got their voucher? Or it means the 2000 vouchers are run over?
BTW, is it 2000 vouchers per test or ...?
lock a time slot for yourself at www.2test.com
registration started...
this is my breakdown:
1 development process 85%
2 requirements modeling 70%
3 architecture 100%
4 static modeling 91%
5 dynamic modeling 76%
6 design and implementation 100%
seems that IBM is finally updating the test from J2EE 1.2 to J2EE 1.3.
I have been waiting for this to happen for a year.
it turns out not as difficult as i thought, given the exam is listed in level 3B in jcert.
here is my breakdown:
1. 66%[ 2/3 ] basic concepts
2. 100%[ ?/? ] tools to monitor the server
3. 100%[ ?/? ] clustering
4. 92%[11/12] enterprise components (ejb)
5. 92%[11/12] servlet/jsp
6. 66%[ 2/3 ] web services
7. 100%[ ?/? ] ejb client
8. 100%[ ?/? ] connection pooling
9. 83%[ 5/6 ] transaction
10. 75%[ 3/4 ] tools to develop/debug
11. 88%[ 7/8 ] config, package and deploy
numbers in [ ] are number of my correct answer vs total number of questions in that section. i figure those out with little effort since i missed 7 item in 7 section. (total 70 item)
hope this will be helpful for those who are working on the exam.
21 years ago
i believe this is part of their strategy toward more services-based revenue.
21 years ago