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Recent posts by k doshi

Anyone doing Part 2 from Mumbai?
What is the time frame within which to have to upload the assignment. Is it one year?

Also after submitting the assignment within how many days can i give the Part 3 exam
I wanted to know the relation between Itinerary, Segment, Leg of a flight.

If say i fly from BOM to NY and there is a halt at Paris then is BOM to Paris is one segment and Paris to NY is another segment
And BOM to NY is a leg of the flight,

the return flight from NY to BOM will be another leg of flight

So the itinerary has 2 legs of flights.

Now if we say BOM to NY is one segment then may be there are different flights from BOM to Paris and Paris to NY, then the relation between segment and flight cannot be 1:1

Also what is meant by equipment, is it the Aeroplane.
How do we handle the Mileage Earned.

1) These can be a cash amount that the Customer can redeem. Here we will only update the Mileage earned status when the customer books a new itinerary.
2) It can be adjusted in a new Flight booking amount. In this case we need to call FFMS during the price calculation of the Itinerary.

Also there is also a section saying Customer selects awards travel& system verifies mileage availability.

Does it mean only when the customer selects Awards travel he will be awarded the Mileage earned.

Thanks for the replies
Besides creating the class,sequence,component diagram and listing down the assumptions, what else is to be submitted.
For eg. do we have to give some overview of the design, or should we also put in a deployment diagram.
Roughly how many pages of written material might it consist of?

What are the new features of Tiger.

According to what little i saw. It improves the style and ease of coding by using generics, autoboxing, formatted output/input etc.

As time goes by people will shift to this version.
However is there any compelling reason for which I would consider using Tiger immediately.
19 years ago
I am looking for a comparison chart for the various software development processes, & some article on when to use what process.
Can someone suggest a good article for this requirement.
Thanks for the replies
Kiran Doshi
Instance swapping in not given in specs, it is vendor specific. But mostly the vendor will be doing the instance swapping in the connection pool i.e for both Stateless beans as well as Entity Beans.
Are there any free OO,UML test sites?
Thks for replies
For prevent loss of information & stacktrace, you could catch the exception, print the stacktrace & then package the exception into the package specific excpetion & then throw it.
Is there any restrictions on which UML tool we can use for part -II assignment.
Also i wanted some recommendation for which tool to use.

One more thing i wanted to know is, if there is any time limit for giving part II once i have cleared part I.
I cleared part I in June 2002. Also i haven't taken the coupons for part II & III.
Thks for ur replies

use the following
21 years ago
i want to use cached rowsets in weblogic6.1
i have included weblogic.jar, j2ee12.jar in the classpath.
but i still dont get CachedRowSet(or WLCachedRowSet which may be weblogics implementation).
i am able to import javax.sql.Rowset.
which other weblogic jar file i need to include in classpath
thks for the answeres
21 years ago
I am using a stateful bean.
i have kept the handle in the session.
Sometimes when i get the remote from the handle and then execute a method it gives the following error.
(But this doesn't happen always.)

The lock request from EJB:CssCaseSFBean with primary key:1,681,415,271,874,564 timed-out after waiting 0 ms. The transaction or thread requesting the lock was:Name=[EJB com.sns.infrastructure.css.casemgmt.ejb.CssCaseSFBean.getAcctId()],Xid=271:a4f785ea(201554),Status=Active,numRepliesOwedMe=0,numRepliesOwedOthers=0,seconds since begin=0,seconds left=30,activeThread=Thread[ExecuteThread: '7' for queue: 'default',5,Thread Group for Queue: 'default'],SCInfo[css+myserver]=(state=active......
can someone give suggestion as what might be the problem
thks for the replies
ok sorry there is a clarification that while one is working on the record others should not be able to update it, so i think it may work
21 years ago