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Recent posts by Robby Singh

take 2 days Casual leave and be in home with your honey with air condition on MAX.
20 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
Your question is more specific: how to get your picture on JavaRanch contact page without being Michael Ernest...
[ March 17, 2002: Message edited by: Mapraputa Is ]

Hi Mapra
thanks a lot !!! Now I will beat you in number of post in 1 month (exaggeration of thought )
I did not know that HERE and "JavaRanch contact page" makes so much different(secret: both link to same page, shhh do not tell any one)
AW I am happy being Robby Singh.... You give me your property still I won't lose my identity.
Are you Micheal ... but you are also bartender OR you have lost ur idetity?

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
Hm... Tricky. I need to think about it...

you really need a lot of thinking
20 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:

(I was also just kidding! )
What abt my question ??
and thanks for the suggestion ... I do not want to be Michael Ernest
answer plz ??
20 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
The majority of you want your picture posted in the JavaRanch forum? That's like, 14,000 pictures. You must be kidding.

sorry I thought Mod..,bar..,sherif has good IQ
Now let me put my question in simple words
How does one become Mod...,Bart..., Sherif ??
Plz I am dying to know ?
20 years ago
ME is true.
20 years ago
I would and majority of us would like to know how to get there pic HERE
20 years ago
I have Dirty Joke to tell you :
Once there were two Colonels were having drink in a bar and discussing whether there is more enjoyment in sex or more work.
One said there is 50% enjoyment and 50% work.
other said NO, there is 30% enjoyment and 30% work.
There was orderly standing near by and listening all this conversation. He said ,"sir, if you give me permission then I have my views on this topic also". They said, "OK tell us".
He said "There is 100% enjoyment"
They asked him how he could say this.
Orderly said, "If there would have been even a 1% work then I would have been doing that"
20 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Fletcher:

I have this problem see. I have a boss

Jini says:
Kick ur boss and remove Engineer from ur signature.
rub ???
Please be precise...
I just rubbed my jini's wife hand He is going mad at me
20 years ago
solution is with me I have magic lamp .....
20 years ago