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Ismael Rodriguez

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Recent posts by Ismael Rodriguez

Does anyone know why when you try to render a JSF view executes a database query?

I am listing a large paged list, as I have seen on:

I return data list it correctly (with the number of items I want), but I noticed that the RenderView run a query that gets all the data.

9 years ago
I'm trying to improve the performance of a website in regards to the list, and for that I made a pagination. The problem is that when I press to show me the list for the first time, load all the records in the database, so it takes a while.

The paging system works well, the problem is what I said to the first query I get all the data, and I would have specified that only want X JPA results with:

The following requests that if I'm doing the way I want done, the problem is the first, what can
be happening?
I have problems to list a very large table. When I view the page, it load be late.
I want to set a default value for the column datascroller,

I want to set a default value for the column datascroller, rather than to start with the associated value of the dataTable.

for example, if the datatable has 1000 rows, and each page shows 10 results, I manually set the value 10.

I tested, but does not work:

I do this to change the query that I load the entire table in the dataTable, and launch a new query each time you press a pager number

9 years ago
I'm developing login page with spring security but when I start my project automatically redirected to the login page. I've a in my web.xml with redirect to index.xhtml, why is redirect to login.xhtml?



9 years ago

Volodymyr Levytskyi wrote:Hello!
2. You don't need folder faces to map FacesServlet to /faces/*. You only need to add this /faces/* in url and FacesServlet will process such urls and directs you to
path which is defined by removing word /faces/*.

OK, Thank.

If i want to have a directory structure with several directories with xhtml file, how i do reference them in index.xhtml ?
For examlple


and the mapping in servlet is /faces/*?
9 years ago
I've problem mapping request with /faces/*

My web.xml



The project

when I start the project, it works fine, but when I push the link, the request is not found, why?. If welcome.xhtml file is in the same directory as hello.xhtml, also works correctly if the address change to "welcome"

9 years ago