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Recent posts by Adrien Lapointe

We have a group of people needing to access to different accounts with the same credentials, so we need a way to share those credentials in a secure way. We are currently using a shared spreadsheet, but that is less than optimal for many reasons including security. I would very much like something that shows very well who can see what password.

Any suggestions as to what password management software we could use?
3 years ago
If I have an array and prints its size

I will probably get a size of 40 depending on how many bytes are assigned for an int on the machine.

Now if I try to find out the size of the array using a pointer, all I will be able to find is the size of a pointer. Any ways to find out the size of the array using the pointer?

displays the size of a pointer (e.g. 4 bytes).

3 years ago
So I ended up getting the TP-Link AC1750.

So far so good. It took no time to configure and my connection dropping issue is now gone. YAY!

Thanks everybody for the recommendations.
4 years ago
Thanks for the replies, I will go with the tag files.
In the past the categories were pretty much fixed, I think we might add categories a few times a year now, maybe.
Thanks, I didn't know about the tag files, I am still very new to the jsp thing, and haven't much time to learn it well. I just hack at it.

Devaka Cooray wrote:OK I read about it again, it looks like you are trying to have a .yaml file which contains information about the forums and then you make the server generate the HTML based on that, right?

yes, that is what I am thinking of doing.

Hmm, I still wouldn't feel like it worth the efforts unless there's a good number of forums, or the forum information is subject to change often.

So you think the best approach is just to copy and paste the html for each category and change the text and link in there?
Right now, for the products, I have a list in yaml that looks like this:

I have a bit of code on the server side to go through the list and generate something like this:

That allowed me to write the html for each items once, which makes it easy to maintain, and since the list changes often enough that it would be a pain to always modify the html, I think that solution works well enough.

Now, I am wondering if I should take the same approach for the forum categories. Those do change, but not very often. I feel like it will be a pain to just do copy and paste for each categories, and if we decide to change the look, it will need to change the html for each categories. Not a very DRY solution in my mind, but doing that processing is more load for the server.
sorry, I did not express myself very well.

Right now, the list of forums is hardcoded in html. What I was wondering was if it would be a better idea to put the list in yaml file and get the server to parse the list and generate the html. Is it clearer?
The landing page at permies is mostly static ( I use a little embedded server side code to add partials and some code to parse through a yaml file that has a list of items that are then automatically added to the moichendize section (

Now, we want to add the following behaviour to the forum category icons ( I am wondering if I should just hard code it in html or use the yaml strategy again. Thoughts?

Joe Ess wrote:
Does it become unusable when you are doing something that requires a lot of network connections (chat, torrents, multiple devices, etc.)?

yes, it seems to happen when there is a lot going on on the network (my wife turning her computer on, Dropbox syncing, the printer going, etc.).
4 years ago

J. Kevin Robbins wrote: LinkSys who made one of the best routers ever, the WRT-54G, a Linux based router.

Well, that is what my old router is a WRT-54G v.6

It still works, but every once in a while I have to unplug it and replug it so that it starts routing again.
4 years ago
Wow! I really like it!
4 years ago