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Hey everyone!

i have a school assignment on java, on which i must create a single class that works as a game's highscore.
This game consists on 4 teams of 2 members each, and each game is divided in 3 matches. In the game, each player
must throw a ball to try to knock a pin down (somewhat like bowling). If you knock the pin, you get 10points, otherwise if
your ball is the closest to the pin, you get 5points.

The java class is supposed to take up the teams' setup, and request the score of each play (for example player A vs
player B), and then show the scores for each turn (for example A vs B = Xpoints, C vs D = Ypoints). When the turn is
over, it should request the new teams. The app should end when all the teams have played against each other, and at
that time, it should show the final score from the first position to the last. If there is a draw, the team with more points
scored wins.

I think the assignment is supposed to be done mainly with arrays, and maybe fors/ifs/switches.

I'm a bit newb on this, specially when it comes to arrays, so any help would be wonderful, even if it is just how to start out, as i am out of ideas! Thanks!
7 years ago