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Recent posts by Emile Silvis

How familiar are you with Java & its syntax?

The only knowledge I have about Java and its syntax is from industry news and from reading the first three chapters of SCJA 6. I believe my basic understanding of the generic Java syntax is relatively adequate.

How familiar are you with OO concepts like encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance,...?

OO formed part of my studies, so I am familiar with most OO concepts, and I know enough about OO in general to be resourceful if I don't understand something.

6 weeks equate to about 240 man hours, which is a bit better than my originally proposed 320.

Does anyone else have an opinion about the 240 man hours? Too much, too little?
I'm trying to do some planning for the OCAJP 7 certification preparation, and for this I need an estimation of how long such preparation usually take on average. I realise that individual averages will significantly depend on the individual (in terms of technical aptitude, past experience, self-discipline and so forth), but I would be keen just to hear what this community thinks.

Currently I have estimated 320 man hours (two work months) to prepare for OCAJP 7. I have some experience in the .Net and Ruby stacks (and then of course HTML, CSS and JavaScript), but I would conservatively put my aggregated coding experience at one year. Is 320 man hours too much?

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at this topic.

Thanks Roel, that is exactly what I needed to know.
Hello everyone, first post on CodeRanch. My goal is to become Java certified.

I have both the SCJA 6 and SCJP 6 books. I was wondering, though, whether I could use these books to prepare for the OCAJP 7 and OCPJP 7 exams, or whether the gap between Java 6 and Java 7 is too big. If the gap is indeed too big for me to use the SE 6 books, where can I get copies of the equivalent OCAJP 7 and OCPJP 7 books?

Any advice and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.