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Recent posts by Craig Jackson


13 years ago
I am new to oracle and sql in general, I received an oracle create schema that needs to be converted using non-oracle syntax.

What does the following syntax mean?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

13 years ago

My PWD is /a/b/c and I want /a/b in shell variable.

Another alternative is:

13 years ago
Try this:

Instead of this:

You want to keep in mind if the current Month is January(1) then the previous month would be December(12).

You will need to take that into consideration when you develop your algorithm.
13 years ago
I agree with the responses above there are many ways a SQL statement can be invalid as well as giving a users access to execute raw SQL statements can be destructive to your database.

if you must go this route. I would suggest you provide a series of drop down lists where you have more control on what the users can query i.e. table, columns and only queries of the database, no insert or updates if possible.

Updates and Inserts can be handled by another JSP (form) page where the user will enter information to be added to the database.

Once the users make their selections you will put everything together and build the SQL statement behind the scenes.

Just one suggestion.
I would be careful when you "grep" for just for java. It may return other processes that use java.

Also when you execute the command 'grep java'. The actual command 'grep java' will show up in the process status queue.

One suggestion is to grep for the script that will execute the java program. This will only work if the script blocks while the java program program is running.

For example:

This is just one example.
13 years ago

You should use binary mode, otherwise when you transfer the file to a windows environment, there is good possibly carriage returns<cr> will be added to the contents of the file.
13 years ago
I would start out by using the man pages for the unix command "find" with the option -mtime.
14 years ago
What port are you using to connect to tomcat locally?

16 years ago
The way I undersand it the symbol pipe "|" is used to send the standard output of a command to the left of the pipe as standard input to a command to the right of the pipe.

You cannot use "|" to create files like ">". Which is used to redirect standard output to a file.

The "|" is used to redirect standard output of a command to another command not another file.
16 years ago
What about maintainability of these machines?

It seems it would be difficult to keep current and future revisions in sync.

How are you going to handle if one or more local servers go down.
16 years ago
Why don't you try and post your html tags outside of the while loop:

See if that make a difference.

Otherwise there may be an issue in your setdata method.
[ November 17, 2007: Message edited by: Craig Jackson ]
I have a couple of suggestions:

This is fine:

But you should reference your data by using the following:

Also, you should insert code to close your resultSet when finished:

Also you are not saving your bean or passing it back to the calling program:

When you exit the while loop your bean is out of scope.
One suggestion is to save each individual bean in a collection and then return the collection to the calling program or your jsp page:

Once you return your bean to the servlet you can iterate through the collection and place the bean in the jsp page scope for display.

I hope this helps.
That is very unnusual that you would be able to access your website thru the public ip address from firefox and not IE.

One possible suggestion is that the browser and tomcat are not talking to each other properly.

I would look at the request headers between Tomcat and IE.

See if there is any difference in the request headers generated by Firefox.
16 years ago