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Recent posts by Deepali Pate

What about certification exams done before Sept,2002 do they expire after two years ?
Can somebody give me Sun's email id where we can contact them for certification related queries.
Thank you
Can someone tell me where can i get the SCJP2 logo after finishing certification.
float f = 3.0f;
float g = f/0; //will not throw any ArithmeticException and g's value will be NaN
Isnt the value of this Infinity ???
and it would be NaN if it was
float f = 0.0f;
float g = f/0;
Great thnx for the links.
So u say its no a good idea to go for this if i dont have real world experience??
I am in the software field but am into sort of marketing for past 2 yrs. I do keep in touch with technology as well. I have the setup of the Websphere application server and apache with DB2 database and do play around with some code sometimes.
And yes i have Professional JSP book which i have not opened till today.
So tell me frankly whether i will be able to do this.
[ July 15, 2002: Message edited by: Deepali Pate ]
Can someone give me link to
Servlet 2.3 and jsp 1.2 specs.
Does SCWCD exam mainly focus on Servlets and JSP's only??
If i dont have any experience of using servlets and JSP on live projects can i still attempt this exam and pass it.
Anyone can help me
I have just finished my SCJP2 and i want to do UML certification can someone tell me from scratch how to go abt it? I have no idea at all abt this concept please help.
I have enough time until i do this certification so i want to go the right path and get things straight in my first attempt.
Can u pls explain to me what do u mean by "Also it is not a certification. It counts towards the IBM Solutions Developer.".
Isnt there a exam we need to give for it?? How do we go abt it.
Thnx rgds
static final transient int maxElements = 100;
Is this correct. Can a static var be transient?
I dont quite remember but i guess some mock. Why is it wrong formula. Tillnow it has given right ans. I hate converting to bits so i find this simpler.
Also adding synchronized is also right.
String version will be printed as that is more specific down the inheritence.
But if u replaced the Object bit by an object of StringBuffer it will give error. Coz though even StringBuffer can have null value but it does not belong to the hierarchy so becomes ambigious.
This ? at this link.
Q10. State which of the following statements are True.
(1) Concurrent Java programs can exhibit deterministic behavior, by providing mechanisms for synchronizing.
(2) Threads have parent-child relationships.
(3) When the thread is created, it is not yet active
1 and 3
All 3
1 and 2
gives answer is is 1 and 3 when i think all 3 are true.
I think in this particular ? there is no need of binding coz the method is invoked using the same reference.
You are passing reference var to the methods and it chosses the method that is most specific to the argument type passed.
So that explains the nature of o/p.
Am i right??