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Thank you Roger. I am yet to gain practical experience.

It is the first core value of Agile Manifesto and its main focus is on people. It is people centric and their energy, innovation, and ability to solve problems. It can be readily adapted to new ideas and innovations. I hope I am right.
Recently I have passed my Scrum Master Certification. One of the book that I followed is Scrum body of knowledge book. But I have a doubt regarding Cost and effort estimation. Can we draw a table of Agile Scrum Framework in an excel format with standard Agile frameworks?
Hi Matt,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Can you please tell me how many PDU's and are offering.
Dear folks,
I have a confusion to be clarified. Kindly guide me to understand the duration for collecting PDU's. I passed PMP in July 2011. Do I need to earn 20 pdu's every year or can I collect 60 pdu's before 3rd year, and then submit to PMI ?
Dear S.K.Jha,

This is Jennifer Bellamy here. Recently I have taken up Scrum Master Certification. Based on my earlier research I can suggest few names.There are three hugely regarded certifications and they are from, scrumalliance and and all are approved by all leading companies.
As mentioned by Matt Daniels, there is no certifying body for Scrum Certification.