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Recent posts by harish patarla

Hi Guys,

I have been practicing with sample questions and taking mock exams and it is not going great for me.

I mean i know the concepts and but it hurts when a silly thing gets overlooked.

examples like: instance method cannot be called from static context, when i end up solving the problem instead of just selecting compilation fails.

Can you guys please give tips or suggestions on how to tackle such things? Any other suggestions are welcome too?

My ethuware scores as well haven't been great - 57%, 69% and 59%. I have 4 more that i can take but want to correct things that i have been doing wrong.

Hi guys

I pushed my changes to github which has some intresting sample examples which can help you prepare for the exam better.


clone from above.

Hi Guys,

i am preparing for java 8 exams and solving some practice tests.

I often see questions saying choose all that apply. There would be 6 options or so. Sometimes there is only one answer but it gets tricky in such cases because we tend to think there are more than one correct answers?
How many such questions do we see in OCA-8 exam?

Also, How many questions do we get in the actual OCA-8 exam which would have more than 1 correct answer? I ask because if there are more of such questions that time management could be a challenge.

Are Enums in the course of study for this exam?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


I was going through chapter 3 about arrays.

I noticed java compiler gives an error when i write below:

But below works fine

I saw that asList is defined as below:

Can anyone please explain why i can't in ArrayList<Integer> but can store in List<Integer>?
Hey, i am using some of the restful services in my web application where i am calling these services.
I am able to call and get proper response.

The issue is i have to write a .xsd which will describe the web service(similar to what we have in soap -i.e wsdl)

Can someone please tell me how i would describe it and how i can wrie my .xsd?

7 years ago