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Ron McLeod

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since Feb 12, 2013
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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

I am trying to use NGINX as a security gateway for TLS traffic (ProtoBuf over TLS, not HTTP over TLS), where TLS is terminated by NGINX with the unencrypted stream is proxied to the application.

I have a working configuration, but SELinux is complaining that NGINX is not permitted to bind to my ingress port (in my testing I was using port 12345):

It seems like I may need to register a new port type, associate the port number with the new port type, and then associate the new port type with the nginx application  Have I got this correct?  Any pointers on where I can a practical example?  I'm new to SELinux.

OS is CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003.
2 hours ago
Could you use a Maven plugin like ModiTect to create the descriptors that you may need?
1 day ago
I haven't had a need to work with the module system, but it appears like the current version does include the module name in the manifest.  Maybe there is more to it that I don't understand?
1 day ago
Why isn't Apache Commons Text an option?
2 days ago
Congratulations to all of you!
3 days ago
Its easy to do with JakartaEE/MicroProfile using CDI - not sure how to do something similar with Spring.

4 days ago

Pieter Vandevelde wrote:I realized it was wrapped but I account for that don't I? Otherwise it wouldn't even create the object, but throw an exception.

I think GSON silently ignores missing fields and leaves them with their default values, which in your case in null.
1 week ago

Pieter Vandevelde wrote:I also don't understand why I would need the wrapperclass, I use the same way before without any issues

Compare the structure of the JSON payloads between what you had previously and what you have now to see what the differences might be.
1 week ago
Your data is structured as an array of wrapper objects of order object

Your type: List<OrderSummary>> is an array of order objects.
My type: List<WrappedOrder>> is an array of wrapper objects, where the wrapper object contains an order object.
1 week ago
Here's what your payload looks like:
The data for the order object is wrapped in an unnamed outer object.

This may not be the best solution, but here's an example of something to work with the data that is being returned:
1 week ago
If you mean em dash (—), it is a type of pause or interruption similar to a semicolon.  I see it a lot in communications between business professionals both within a company and between people in different companies.  Examples of colon vs. em dash vs. comma:

Dear Ms. Shiralkar:

This is a formal message.


This is a less formal, but not too friendly message.

Hi Monica,

This is a friendly message.
1 week ago
Since you are running a Linux platform, you can use logrotate to manage Tomcat's log files.
1 week ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:What did you think of Udemy? For a long time everybody who mentioned it spoke highly of Udemy, but in the last couple of years a few posts have appeared complaining about Udemy.

I've had a lot of success with Udemy.  I search for courses with a 4 out of 5 star or rating higher, and I also always check-out the preview lessons to get a feel for the quality of the material, how it is presented, and quality of the audio including the speaker's dialect/accent.  Also, when I find an instructor that I really enjoy, I check to see what other courses the instructor has which might also be interesting, and sign-up for those as well.

Like Darren mentioned, the $10USD price tag is great (if they are not priced at $10 in the app, it is usually quite easy for find a coupon/code to bring the price down).
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