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Ron McLeod

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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

Kevin Dean wrote:The problem comes when I comment out the @Resource annotation on the dataDirectory property

Are you commenting-out the entry in the server.xml file or the @Resource annotation in your Java code?
4 days ago

Miroslav Lehotsky wrote:Compiles fine also for me... Aren't you using JDK 1.7 or older by accident ?

Miroslav brings up a good point.  Which version of Java are you using?

RoderickFuentes Ramos wrote: It have compiler errors in lines 8,9,10 and 13.

It would be helpful if you would share the error text reported by the compiler (copy and paste the text only - not a screen image).

Monica Shiralkar wrote:Using that I can see the total number of cows but not that which post has been given the cow for.

It sound like you didn't follow the last step.  Click on the Cows count (the actual number) and you will be taken to a list of topics (in table form) in which you were awarded one or more cows.  Click on the topic name (it is a link), and you will be taken to the thread.  

From there, it will be a manual effort to determine exactly which post gained you the cows (usually it is the first post which receives the cows).

1 week ago

Monica Shiralkar do one know that which post exactly has given us a Cow?

1. Select My Profile from the menu at the top of the page
2. Click on view public profile in the upper right-hand area
3. Click on the Cows count on that page (the actual number)


1. Click on your name in the upper left-hand area of any post of yours
2. Click on the Cows count on that page
1 week ago

Rish Dave wrote:What will this command [line] do?

Why not give it a try and see what happens?

    cat    will concatenate the contents of a number of files (if more than one is specified), and then print the contents to standard output
      >    will cause the output of a command (which would normally go to standard output) to be redirected to a file

1 week ago

Serban Cameron wrote:Is it correct how I tried to connect through the proxy and authenticate?

Can you share the code where you are actually trying to connect?
1 week ago

Mike Simmons wrote:And we can also point to standard Java's Map.Entry as a typed tuple.

Sorry .. I missed that comment in one of your previous post
2 weeks ago

Piet Souris wrote:We have the javafx.util.Pair<K, V> class that I use regularly.

Mike Simmons wrote:That's not in the JDK though.

I suppose that java.util.Map.Entry and java.util.AbstractMap.SimpleEntry could be used to represent a 2-tuple (and are included in the JDK)
2 weeks ago
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    2 weeks ago
    In addition to be notified when there is activity on a thread, you can now be notified when there has been no activity with the thread.

    To activate this, go to the thread that you want to watch, and click the Watch Settings button near the top of the screen.

    The first checkbox is for the normal watch action - notifying you when when there has been a reply to the thread.

    The second checkbox is is for the new feature - notifying you when when there has been no activity with the thread for a specified number of day.

    2 weeks ago
    Yup -- looks like a case of old and/or sleep-deprived brain.  This is what gave me the idea that it was a combination of high/low temps for the day  

    2 weeks ago
    ... or is 26 the day of the month?  Maybe it's me that has the problem  
    2 weeks ago
    I saw this on my phone this morning - current temperature 26°C (79°F) - wow, pretty warm for the beginning of fall in Vancouver.

    Turns-out Seems like that rather than showing me the current temperature, the weather widget is showing me the sum of today's high (16°C) and low (10°C) temperatures
    2 weeks ago

    Calvin Dobson wrote:So I've been using Tomcat to try to host a websocket server ... but all this does is give me some 302 or 404 message.

    I would first try and figure out why the inconsistent result codes.  Why a redirect some times and a not found other times?

    I took your code and ran it as-is under Tomee 7.1.0 (Tomcat 8.5).  I was able to reliably establish a websocket connection (onError was trigger by me abruptly closing the connection by aborting curl - exception was:\home\micheal\someone\outlog (The system cannot find the path specified)).

    Test from command line using curl:
    Tomcat Console:
    2 weeks ago