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    2 days ago

    T h e . C o d e R a n c h . J o u r n a l  -  N o v e m b e r . 2 0 2 1 . E d i t i o n

    A big howdy from all the CodeRanch staff, and welcome to the November edition of the CodeRanch Journal.

    N e w . B a r t e n d e r s
    Congratulations to our two new Bartenders: Jesse Silverman and Al Hobbs.  Thanks for your great contributions to CodeRanch.

    I n t e r e s t i n g . C o d e R a n c h . F o r u m . P o s t s
    Here's some threads from this month that are worth giving a read:
  • Composition vs Strategy Pattern
  • Best approach for structure of a Swing App?
  • Not the last word on finalize
  • Is this version of the Abstract Factory Pattern Pretty Backwards?

  • Thanks to vishnu priyag, Antonio Moretti and Jesse Silverman for starting these topics and everyone else that joined in for the discussions.

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  • Head First Android Development (started November 30th)
  •        Dawn Griffiths and David Griffiths
          If you have an idea for a killer Android app, this fully revised
          and updated edition will get you up and running in a jiffy.

    Upcoming promotions in December:
  • Terraform in Action (December 7th)
  •       Scott Winkler
          Use Terraform to programmatically create, test, and manage
          infrastructure using the efficient infrastructure-as-code

  • Beginning IntelliJ IDEA (December 14th)
  •       Ted Hagos
          Get started quickly with IntelliJ, from installation to
          configuration to working with the source code and more. This
          tutorial will show you how to leverage IntelliJ’s tools to develop
          clean, efficient Java applications.

    This month's book promotion winners:
  • Node.js Design Patterns
  •       Winners: Albareto McKenzie, Salil Wadnerkar, Stephan van Hulst and Jon Greenwood
  • The TypeScript Workshop
  •       Winners: Mike Payne, Timothy Gallagher, Don Horrell and Jonatas Silveira de Andrade
  • Practical Cloud-Native Java Development with MicroProfile
  •       Winners: Randy Tong, Ron McLeod, Shai Almog and Marouane Trabelsi

    And a big Congratulations to our past Winners

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  • A b o u t . T h e . E d i t o r
    Ron McLeod has been a member of CodeRanch since 2013 and a Moderator since 2015.

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    2 days ago

    obaid abbassi wrote:i m still getting the value of btn1 not btn2

    Did you read Roland's comment?

    Roland Mueller wrote:Just come to my mind: when btn1 has no value request.getParameter("btn1") should return null, and calling equals() on result should cause an null pointer exception. Thus, second check for btn2 is not reached.

    3 days ago

    tangara goh wrote:... I trawled the internet but I can't get a confirmed answer.

    I did a Google search for xjc and the first response I got was this:
    Java Platform, Standard Edition Tools Reference: xjc

    Someone at Oracle wrote:-p pkg

    When you specify a target package with this command-line option, it overrides any binding customization for the package name and the default package name algorithm defined in the specification.

    4 days ago
    Piet -- I like your solution better.

    Just curious why you put the predicate in a takeWhile method rather than include it as a parameter in iterate -- to make the code easier to read?
    5 days ago

    Stephan van Hulst wrote:... Combining these two maps with putAll() will simply overwrite all sublists collected by thread 1, and return a map that is equal to the map collected by thread 2.

    Thanks.  I was able to produce that scenario with parallel().

    The combiner in the code below resolves that issue.
    5 days ago
    I was looking at the Iteration to create chunks and save it thread, and thought about how I would implement something similar with streams.

    I decided to collect the items in to a Map with an entry for each sublist and Integer keys, and then return just the map values, providing a Collection of Lists.  I used a LinkedHashMap to preserve order.  I does work as expected, but I'm thinking there might be a better way tackle this.

    5 days ago

    Campbell Ritchie wrote:... Use the List's Iterator in a loop, and its remove method

    Wouldn't that still result in a ConcurrentModificationException?
    6 days ago

    Tim Holloway wrote:I'm still waiting for someone to start a national chain of "Arabic" sandwiches.

    Like shawarma?
    1 week ago

    Paul Clapham wrote:It would be interesting to find out what the correct translation of that Chinese phrase was ...

    According to GooleTranslate 金槍魚 丹麥語
    金槍魚 is Tuna, and 丹麥語 is Danish
    1 week ago
    Canadian A&W split-off the US counterpart some time in the 70's, and the two really don't have much in common other than the logo.  A&W here is a private company located in the Greater Vancouver area.

    For fast food, the taste and quality of the food at the Canadian restaurants are quite good.
    1 week ago
    True - TLS doesn't prevent DNS spoofing, but unless the spoofed-to location has a valid certificate for the site, the TLS connection will fail.
    1 week ago
    I'm Canadian - should I be excited?

    I've passed-by these in London, but have never gone in.  It sounds like they are the UK equivalent of a Starbucks.

    1 week ago
    ... would not include Tuna

    Seen today at a bakery in Richmond Centre Mall, Richmond, BC, Canada
    1 week ago