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Recent posts by Ron McLeod

A simplification for Salvin's code would be to use Stream#anyMatch in-place of the filter/findAny/isPresent pipeline:
4 hours ago

Sam Ritter wrote:When I get the OS from System.getProperties("") it just returns 'Linux'.

Take a look at the other os System Properties.  I don't have a Pi in front of me, but this is what I see with Centos 7:
22 hours ago
If you wrap the path in quotes (which you are already doing), then there is no need to escape the spaces.
1 day ago
I suggest that you take what you are passing to exec, and try running in a command Window and see if it provides the expected results.

What you are passing looks like this:
   cmd /c "\Local// Apps\IBM\SDP\scmtools\eclipse"scm help

What you want to pass should probably look like this:
   cmd /c "C:\Local Apps\IBM\SDP\scmtools\eclipse\scm" help
1 day ago
Try printing-out the audio resources on the platform:
3 days ago

Sam Ritter wrote:Not sure what you are asking for. Everything after the hypen (-) is e.toString. That is all the message there is. Are you looking for the traceback?

I was looking for what would be returned by e.getMessage() - it seems like it is included in returned by toString() if a message is present.

I'm a bit surprised that there is no message set for the exception - I was expecting there would be something like this:

The message may come from the underlying audio system implementation - maybe there is no recognizable audio system on the platform where you are running your app??
3 days ago
Also, I would suspect that bad guys would be able to arbitrarily delete records from the database by calling the delete.jsp endpoint with whatever values they please.

And depending on what the scriplet in the in the delete.jsp looks like, you may be vulnerable to SQL injection with something like delete.jsp?d=0; DELETE FROM employees; (like in this example).
4 days ago
What was the message for the LineUnavailableException?
4 days ago
You need to create separate instances of JSONObject for each edge, not reuse the same one for both.

Move JSONObject EdgeJsonObjsub = new JSONObject(); inside the loop where you are building the JSON structure.
4 days ago

yeto leto wrote:Is it possible with Java to schedule a task to fire/execute at a specific time down to "milliseconds"? .. In other words can I have an alarm/alert sound play at a specific time like 10:30:15:800?

Do you really need millisecond accuracy when the alert is for a person?
5 days ago

andrew mcnamara wrote:I try to put the apache jars inside the WITPhoneHome folder, but that doesn't work. Putting things in the dist folder also didn't work. Any other ideas?

Is this a NetBeans issue then, where the libraries are not getting packaged in to your runnable jar?
1 week ago
Examine the contents of your jar and determine if the Apache classes are present.

For example:
1 week ago

andrew mcnamara wrote:My issue is that my code runs perfectly on my macbook, but crashes on the rPi.

What does crashes mean?  Any error message, stack trace, etc.?
1 week ago
I have a multi-module Maven project which is version controlled using SVN.  I need to be able to release the modules independently, so each module has it's own trunk and maven version.

The directory structure is like this:
Since the Maven reactor expects the modules to be located directly below the parent, maven complains that it cannot find the modules because the modules are below it's trunk directory.

To work-around this, I appended /trunk to the module path in the parent pom:
I also needed to add a relativePath element to each module pom so that they could find the parent:
Is this normal, or is there some way to make the reactor SCM-aware, and deal with trunks and branches without the need to specify the path in each pom?
2 weeks ago
If you are going to specify type="text/javascript" and not use the module system, then remove the export from the fillForm method function.

I just gave your code a quick try and it did work ...