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Recent posts by Kagiso Chabanga

I got it, there was a missing folder within the webapps folder: folder called ROOT
7 years ago
Last week I installed tomcat8 and it worked perfectly, I was able to go to localhost:8080 and localhost:8080/manager and the browser would simply display both pages. Now suddenly my browser displays a blank page when I go to localhost, yet it displays when I go to localhost/manager. I thought maybe it's the browser I'm using then i installed another one and it still does the same thing. what could be wrong?

thanks in advance
7 years ago
Thanks a lot. I've done exactly as you told me to, All that's left is for me to wait.
Thanks again
Hello everyone

I'm trying request a hardcopy of my certificate from oracle. I accidentally removed the e-mail that had instructions for requesting it. How can I get it?


Ed Cardenas wrote:
I hope I can pass this also.

You can do it... Just take as many mock exams as possible, read notes on all questions( the ones you got right & the ones you got wrong)... Write small codes as much as you can...
According to what I've seen yesterday, OCAJP 7 is not as difficult as its mock exams, try to pass your mock exams & you'll do well on the real one...

Joanne Neal & Roel De Nijs, thank you again ... I got 78%...
It's time to put my name on the wall of fame
Thanks a lot...
Now I'm worried because I didn't take all Enthuware tests
Tuesday 10 am CAT(Central African Time) approximately 10 hours from now I'll be on it
Hello Ranchers

I'd like to hear your opinions on my scores & I'd like to know if I stand a chance tommorow
I scored:
65% on Mala Gupta's book;
53% on Enthuware's test 1;
65% on Enthuware's test 2;

I found out that my weakness is on Exceptions & on questions which need me to select "3 options"... I've done a real workout on Exceptions
What Are my chances?

James Hambrick wrote:Can I take the OCPJP7 without any prerequisites? I seen on the Oracle site that the programmer cert required the associate cert first which required the programmer cert before that. So this is confusing to me.

On the site linked above talking about the OCPJP7
"To get certified with this certification, the candidates must be already certified with the OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer). However, there is no prerequisite to take the OCPJP exam (code: 1Z0-804). If you were certified with SCJP 5 or OCPJP 6, you can take the upgrade exam 1Z0-805."

So in one sentence it says you must take the OCAJP before the OCPJP7 then in teh very next sentence it says you don't have to. Which is it?

It only means that if you have never passed earlier java exams (e.g SCJP5, SCJP/OCPJP 6) before, you must pass 1z0-803 before taking 1z0-804
But if you've been certified before(passed earlier java exams) you can take 1z0-805 exam, which leads to the same credential as 1z0-804
Congratulations... what a perfect way to start 2014
8 years ago
Hello people... sorry I took so long to respond... I was on vacation.
Thing is I've studied Thinking In Java & KS & BB's Study Guide, so I think I'm prepared fo opjp 6 exam
But i've also seen ocajp 7 mock ups... they are less painful
Hi guys I'm stuck between this 2 choices
Path 1. Starting with java 6(1z0- 851) & later take java 7(upgrade) exam OR
Path 2. Starting with ocajp 7 and later take ocpjp7 exam.

But now I would like to know which of the two paths is less painful & why?

thanks in advance