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Recent posts by Mario Salvador Ruiz Font

Hi John,

On a less friction interaction with users how we can integrate on a best way edge technologies like PWA, web components, micro frontends ?


Mario Ruiz
Thanks for replying. Definitely interested in frontend UI magic.
I think would be good to grab a copy of your book and deep dive into it to get more involved and have some practicing time to exercise my brain front end muscles!

Hopefully you have fun with React and writing more books for the community.

I'm a professional front end developer working with different technologies and tools.
I have taken a crash course some time ago in React but not really sticking to its principles.
I came from the classical path of jquery / angular js DOM manipulation
I'm now enrolled in a program called Mobile Web Specialist from Udacity.
These last months I have expended using python and linux bash scripting to interact with REST APIs and Gmail API
I think the browser as a platform to communicate in different ways is what support internet today.
I most interested in solve how to publish effectively content in a dynamic workflow like a newspaper environment...

So can You tell me if React would be really valuable if I encourage myself to learn it? And if your answer is yes, how this library should be used depending on different situations or which should be the best case/scenario of layers/technologies/data/states that fit better to React?
I've heard a lot of discussions about this affair. But I don't know really if could be Android considered completely an open source platform for mobile development. What do you think about this?
5 years ago

I'm not really on charge of devOps in my job ... I'm a frontend developer but very appasionate with linux. I really love the idea behind docker and historically with linux containers and VMs. I'm right now dockerizing an apache server ... And I think it's been a challenging experience. I''ve not followed the docker's raise instead I've know it recently but seems is easier than other prior solutions. Anyway is not so easy ... Sometimes I think if I'm learning the correct tech in my frontend world... I've thought many times to abort the mission! But something inside is pushing to g ahead.... and finish this... I've configured following a tutorial the apache and ssl together...

It's a very good one

And you know mysql and nodejs in same server....

But then I saw that a requirement for docker is a x64 server so I've started to install a fresh one linux and docker ;) ... So I think in terms of devOps docker could be great in any server instance to avoid reinstalling/reconfiguring even the VM completely.

Please could you give me a kind of advice ? Thanks
5 years ago
5 years ago
I've heard and trying to learn the new wave of reactive programming. I've been in a workshop using React.js from facebook. Also this next weekend I will be in a workshop at related to RxJs and async stuff. I've heard also from cycle.js from Andres Medeiros. Definitely there's an awesome reactive wave coming ! Is Meteor.js also part from this wave? Could be Meteor.js successfully taken under a reactive approach?
Welcome awesome pair!

I'm really glad to learn anything new in js and now I fell very excited under the reactive programming. I'd like to learn Meteor.js to do reactive programming. Thanks!
This is a good code, I guess you need to check the logic from the for loop my dear Watson. Do you want to send the rands in every for loop? Or just once...?
6 years ago
As Mr Bear Bibeault said (coauthor from Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja),

Welcome! It would be great the experience to acomplished a js book. Congrats!
I'm debugging an application with a lot of configurations inside web sphere portal and jms queues, portlets, jquery, javascript, ajax, web services and I really don't know where to start...

I really appreciate I you give me some support specially in the backend
6 years ago