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Recent posts by taash mg

i need to convert a .pcx file to a .doc file.. any ideas where to start??
21 years ago
thanks mark and valentin
yeah sure was nervous about it and didn't score as per my expectations. but i m glad giving the exam and studying for it made my concepts clearer and on the whole i enjoyed learning JSP and Servlets..
All the best.
21 years ago
Thanks everyone for all the help!
I passed today, although am not so happy with my scores but i guess they will do.I got 71% but believe me the exam was good just a few confusing things like confusing words and a few confusing questions(but that was expected).Other than that i found it ok .
read the specs carefully as there were many question about interfaces and their methods, surprisingly i got very few questions on custom tags. and a lot on sevlet model where is scored the least
21 years ago
Thanks guys,
u r both right. it does give undefined variable JSP.guess i goofed up
Question ID :998339084328
You need to use a taglibrary and you have the following constraints:
taglib prefix : myfinance
tag name : tax
Mandatory Attribute : rate
Option Attribute : age
body : JSP
Which of the following statements are valid?

and the ans are
<myfinance:tax rate="28"/>***
<myfinance:tax age="28"/>
<myfinance:tax age="32" rate="28"/>***
<myfinance:tax rate="28">JSP</myfinance:tax>***
<myfinance:tax rate="28"><%=JSP%></myfinance:tax>

why not the last as i think if body-content is JSP the last one would just be like "out.println(JSP)" so whats wrong in that???
getting real confused here...please help
hi mark
ya i m myself trying to cram all of the material in my teeny-weeny brain and am getting a little nervous as the exam date is nearing i think . with SCJP2 i had experience writing java code with JSP and servlets i hardly do.
but i am hoping and trying for the best
Well done Roseanne! Thanks for the timesaving tips..
Hi mark,
thanks for replying so soon. U r right the best way is to code things and learn them. i have learnt a lot of what i know that way but couldn't remember each and every method of each and every package with their return values. With the sample exams i have been giving especially mika's i realise u have to really remeber them all for the exam. which is where it is becoming a little difficult so i thought if somebody had devised a simple method to remeber atleast which methods come in each pack it would be a great help
does anyone know of a simple way to remeber the Servlet and JSP API's. If yes..can u please share it with me.. it will be a great help
thanks all for the encouragement and guidance.I was really very taken aback with my results from Cobians test actually and then i was scoring in the 70's only in Jweb+ (all the exams and practice exams too)so decided to give it a couple more days..
hi Yu Chen
Do u have a file named InitTestServlet in ur chap12/WEB-INF/...
cause i don't and this(2nd) link gives me file not found :roll:
wheras the first gives me
Servlet Name = InitTestServlet
Parameter region = North America
thanks Joe that really helped
have got my exams scheduled for the weekend but am really not sure if i should go ahead and give it now as i am getting in the seventies with Jweb+ but yesterday i gave Cobians exam and got 50%?? can some of u who are done with the exams please help me to decide..
hi Vedhas
i have a similar problem as u, my java file also is not compiling but now my errors have come down after i corrected my classpath in my autoexec.bat and included my working dir there
try and see if that helps for u 2
21 years ago
yeah thanks Asher checked that out too..