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Recent posts by J Hreich

Hi all,
I am writing servlet code using Oracle9i JDeveloper. I am using TomCAT 4.0.3.
How do I debug my servlet code?
In particular, what should my CATALINA_OPTS be?
thanks in advance, Jamil
22 years ago
Thank you all!
22 years ago
Hello all,
with great pleasure, I can now say I am an SCJP2. Thanks to everyone on this board, esp. Val, Rob, Maha, Ajith and many others for their informative posts.
I have known Java for quite a while now (Summer 1995, alpha release. I wrote an applet that demonstrated the Vista/350 functionality for Bell Northern Research (now Nortel)). Since then, I wrote small applications, mostly in grad school. I have been mostly programming in C++ for the last 5/6 years, so I have a good OO background.
Besdies Javaranch, I owe my good score to PGJC (Programmer's Guide to Java Certification). This book is just great and very thorough. I didn't read any other text books. Not only is this book good for certification, it is a great reference. I think its standard is well above that of the test and its exam is remarkably harder.
Here are my scores on the mocks I did:
Marcus 1: 85 % (3 weeks ago)
Marcus 2: 96 % (last week)
Marcus 3: 94 % (yesterday)
Mughal's PGJC: 90 % (2 days ago).
19 Hardest Questions by Bill: I got 17/19.
I didn't have JQ+
These were the only mocks I tried.
Mughal's book is extremely thorough, and the questions are amazing (both review questions and test questions).
As for the exam, I think it was very fair. I got stuck on the first 2 questions (thread questions) and I spent like 15 minutes or so on them. Don't panic if this happens (I did). Just mark them and move on.
- the java.util questions were extremely simple. Only basic knowledge of core interfaces/ implementing classes and functionality is needed.
- java.io very basic as well. No tricks. I think I got 4/5 IO questions. I got one wrong because I left IO till the last two days and I seem to have forgotten the c-tors of filter output streams.
- Many questions about threads (around 7 or eight). Nothing too complicated though. Knowledge of synchronized blocks, wait/notify/notifyall, extending Thread, implementing Runnable are all necessary
- I can bet one question had no correct answer.
- java.awt and java.awt.event - Know the layouts (including GridBagLayout, though you don't have to become a professional). Know the the event classes and the event interface methods (return types and parameters).
- More to come later.
ps. I hate that they round the score down. I got 56/59. It is 94.9 %
Good luck to all
22 years ago
Thanks to all.
Great responses.
Just a thought for those who don't know it.
Private final methods can still be shadowed in
a sub-class. Are private static methods implicitly final?
The following piece of code compiles with no problems:

Any thoughts would be useful
it gives me -11, as expected
Corey, where in the objectives does SUN say we have to know how to use collections? They say we have to able to make appropriate selection of collection classes/interfaces to suit specified behavior requirements.
In other sections, like IO, they are much more explicit in saying what we have to know.
Jim, were the questions about collections related to understanding how their API's work?
Every mock exam I have taken so far includes something about wrapper classes, mostly identifying them. The same thing applies java.util collections (like identifying classes and interfaces suitable for a certain problems). My question is: I can't find anything in the SUN's exam objective that mentions anything about:
a) wrapper classes. I say so because even
though java.lang is included in the exam,
only certain Math functions and immutability
of strings are included
b) collections API. The only thing they mention
is identifying what colletion
classes/interfaces are suitable
I did a search on this board and I have read posts saying that c-tors and API's should be known.
Can someone clear this?
Also, for all the SCJP's, has anyone every gotten any questions involving the API of wrapper classes and collections.
many thanks in advance, Jamil
Hello all,
can someone think of a reason as to why a method would be declared to throw a Throwable? i.e. why not just be restricted to Exception? After all, run-time exceptions don't have to be declared or caught?
Motivation: The finalize method of class Object.
thanks, Jamil
Val, not unless there is a System.exit() call in the try block.
I heard there are actually 61 questions, 59 of each will actually contribute to the score.
Two are for SUN's own research purposes.
Has anyone heard of this?
22 years ago
Even thought we might see this in all different platforms, it is still not guranteed.
did you mean that you had to type the name of the class file generated by the compiler?
For inner classes, do we have to know what .class files the compiler generates? I can't find this in the exam objectives
thanks, J.