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Recent posts by Ed Charles

Hi, I'm new to jquery and JavaScript and am just playing around trying to code a simple mobile app. I was hoping someone could point me to a useful tutorial/resource so I can figure out how to code the following behaviour.

I have one HTML file and it contains 3 pages -
page 1: a user input page;
page 2: a read only verify page for user to verfy details entered page 1
page 3: a confirmation message

Page 2 has an edit button in case user made a typo. I've coded the edit button so when clicked it goTos page1.

For example I have an input field of userName and the user types 'Ed'. They select continue and page 2 is shown with 'Ed' displayed in read only mode. The user decides 'Ed' is not right and they choose to edit. Page 1 is reloaded and user now enters 'Edward'. On hitting page 1's continue, page 2 is displayed for the second time but 'Ed' is still displayed. If i then select confirm page 3 does display 'Edward'. When i debug I notice the second time in to page 2 the breakpoint is not hit in the function so i'm guessing the page is being reladed from a cache.

So as I'm new to this I was wondering if there is a good tutorial on when to use goTo, goBack and how to ensure the page is reloaded but you can still pull in the old content the user entered. I did try window reload but that reset everything.

Thanks in advance
Thanks, I should have paid more attention to the text in the book as it said 8 objects prior to the println statement.

Out of interest when Strings become lost and they are in the String Constant Pool can they be 'found' again? For example:

On line 2 the String "test" is lost but I take it, as long as the garbage collector has not run, then it will still be in the String Constant Pool. On line 3 a new reference variable is created. Now does this also create a new String object "test" on the constant pool or is it smart enough to say we already have that so use the old one if still available?
9 years ago
Hi, I'm just going through Bert Bate's SCJP 6 Study Guide and am on the section of Strings. It seems quite straightforward but I want to understand an example in the book. The code is

The query was what is the output? How many String objects? How many reference variables?

According to the book it says there are 8 String objects. I want to check that is right and if so check why as i would have thought there were 10 String objects:

"spring ", "summer ", "spring summer ", "fall ", "spring fall ", "spring summer fall ", "winter ", "spring winter " are the eight listed in the book and I follow that. But what about the output? I would have thought that created at least one String object, if not two. I would have thought there would also be the String objects "spring winter spring summer " and " ".

Hopefuly someone can clarify :-)
9 years ago

I was hoping to get some advice relating to working as a Java developer in the UK.

I've been working in IT since graduating 13 years ago and all that time has been spent with the same company, a large financial organisation in the north. I've worked on IBM's iSeries and zSeries platforms and have also had roles as Java developer, on and off for the past 8 years. The nature of a large organisation means a lot of technical work has been offshored so in reality the developer's in the UK get little hand's on coding and the majority of time is spent on other areas of the software lifecycle, managing deliverables and offshore teams. For example, I've been on my current project for 3.5 months and must have spent less than a week cutting code. The company also places little importance on formal training so I have no industry standard certifications.

My job is safe and I get a relatively good salary but I'm thinking of relocating to the south west so my kids can be closer to my partner's family. Plus, 13 years is a long time with one company and not wanting to be a 'lifer' I think it would be a good experience to move occasionally. If I do carry through with this plan, then I will be looking to do it from summer 2014, so in about 18 months time.

I'm debating a complete career change or to carry on as a Java developer. When I look at advertised Java roles I do not feel that my coding exposure is sufficient so I think I need to spend the next 18 months training myself. If it is not feasible then I might look at a career change.

What I would like to know, is it worthwhile doing the OCJA and OCJP certifications and even the masters certification? Also, is 18 months a realistic timeframe given that I will be working full time and have family commitments? Realistically, I think I could spend an hour an evening training myself.

If time allows is there any other areas that is a must have for a Java developer's CV such as Hibernate, Spring MVC or Struts. In that regard is the LearnJavaNow that is advertised on the ranch worthwhile (currently offered at $49)?

Thanks in advance :-)

9 years ago