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Recent posts by David S Hansen

I extended an ArrayList to make my own class. I don't want the users of this child class to be able to use some methods of the parent class. To do that, I overloaded the parent methods with do-nothing code
and added a print message to show that the operation is disabled in child class. Of course, the child class can be referenced by a parent and the parent method can still be called. But, i thought that at least the something is
better than nothing.

Is it ok to do what i did ?

8 years ago

Saif Asif wrote:Greetings Suzie and welcome to the world of JAVA .

Well you cannot absolutely rely on certifications to guarantee you a job in the industry , they do , however, increase your chances of acquiring one. Of-course good grades along with a professional certification will dfinitely look good in a resume.

As far as the certification itself is concerned , the OCJP is all about your understanding of the syntax and semantics of the core JAVA. So I suggest you visit the SCJP Forum forum to get a better understanding of the certification.

If I share my experience , I passed both my certification ( OCJA and OCJP ) before graduation and once I stepped in the industry and started appearing in interviews and all , the logo of the certifications did make my CV stand out in the crowd. Yes , it did help me acquire a "better" job in the market.

Maybe they helped you a little in your job hunt. But its good enough to be a really "awesome" developer without certs and still get a good job. Certs don't really tell us if the person has the aptitude for the job. Most of these certs can be cracked easily using the numerous
books and guides created exactly for that purpose. In the end, you learn a little, but its only an exam.

8 years ago

Suzie Russell wrote:I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in computer Engineering, and have just started up with Java. I'd like to know your opinions if I should opt for OCJP or just get higher scores and waiting for a job by starting up a project on my own?

Cert = worthless;

Knowledge and experience is far more valuable to most employers.

8 years ago

Rupert Wyman wrote:Apologies in advance if this is ------- my noob nature.

Try doing as much as you can on your own. If I had a chance to go to back to school, I would only take core classes like - Comp Architecture, Algorithms, C, OS etc and learn all the buzz words myself (HTML, JSP, Python, Ruby etc).
I am not a fan of College, so my advice is biased. I learned more on my own than I did in college
8 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:My degree is in a very NON-technical area. I have a BA in theatre.

I then went back to school and got certified to be a secondary school math teacher. did that for a few years.

I then went back to school and took a bunch of CS classes, but did not enroll in any actual degree program. I was hired in my first CS job based on the variety of experience I had, plus the fact that I was the first candidate that the interviewer said EVER got his question right about pointers (don't remember what it was).

So I would not say that a degree is necessary, but certainly some CS courses are.

I love people like you. You are a good example of how you "being good" is good enough to become a developer, regardless of your past. Inspiring indeed !
8 years ago
Look at the last line in the job requirement at this post webpage
Astonishing ! How can certifications even matter when a person is expected to satisfy all/most of the other requirements ?

I don't see a whole lot of jobs that prefer certifications and certainly not at such senior levels. Why would the OP/her company prefer certifications ?

8 years ago

Jinu Vijay wrote:Just reading through your requirement, I'm guessing you are probably looking for a Observer design pattern. This allows for watching for a change of state/property (for e.g. of the stock) and perform some activity based on it.

I could find this link useful to explain further (along with a working sample)


Java too does provide this pattern via classes -- Observer and Observable. Another good link, along with sample, is available here:


Yes, that sounds useful.
8 years ago

Winston Gutkowski wrote:

David S Hansen wrote:I was curious to know if there is a concept of TimeProperties in Java for any Class. Something that could store the properties of an Object of that Class at an instant of time. The properties can change with time.

The basic answer to your question (as with most things in Java) is: Yes.

But I think we need a few examples of what some of these "properties" would be before we can say categorically.

And if your question is "can I write this generically for ANY object" the answer, again, may well be 'yes'; but we'd need an awful lot more information about precisely what you want to do.

TellTheDetails (←click).


For example consider a stock (from the stockmarket). A stock can have several parameters that change with time. Some parameters change quickly while some change after a long time.
I want to keep a track of properties that change quickly over an hour or so. That is why I want a class for this purpose.

8 years ago

Jeff Verdegan wrote:

David S Hansen wrote:

Jeff Verdegan wrote: one of them was a complete idiot.

Interesting experience. Reminds me of the movie Goodwill Hunting.

By the way, when you say "idiot", what do you mean ? Did he/she do something very foolish or was not able to answer a really simple logic question ?
Would like to know.

I mean he had one or two Java certs, had lots of relevant experience on his resume, but couldn't provide an intelligent, coherent answer to one single question about Java or CS.

I hope you could tell me a little more. Can you give me an example of one question that he did not know. For example, he could not answer this -

You) Here is an equilateral triangle consisting of * . Write a program to print it.
Him) Sure, I write System.out.println(***********); the required number of times. This is so trivial.
You) Facepalm

8 years ago
I was curious to know if there is a concept of TimeProperties in Java for any Class. Something that could store the properties of an Object of that Class at an instant of time. The properties can change with time.
Thats why I felt the need for such a class.

8 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:I usually check out any existing alternatives. Then I ensure the alternatives deliver all I want to achieve. The I check the number of downloads, ratings, comments if any. The I check for forums to see what other developers have experienced. Then I form my own gut feeling and take a decision.

I learnt this the hard way when I attempted to write my own CSV parser. Pretty straight forward right? Cell values are separated by commas (after all its a CSV file) and rows will be separated by new lines. What can possibly go wrong with this logic?
http://secretgeek.net/csv_trouble.asp (not mine, but a representative of the pitfalls)

Yeah,I was thinking too. What could go wrong ? Its just commas after all :|
8 years ago

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:Ahh so you need to understand what a ThreadPoolExecutor is! .

Story time!! I have a backyard. A very nice backyard it is.---------------- at scheduled times.

That is the kind of explanation I was looking for. It all makes sense now.
Thank you very much indeed.
8 years ago

Jayesh A Lalwani wrote:The API doc seems straightforward to me. What are you having trouble with?

You are a pro. I am not. Basic questions like -

ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor - What is the ThreadPool ? Why have a ThreadPool ? What does the Executor part mean ?
Those are just some of my questions. I'd like to understand things fully before I use them.

8 years ago
All the tutorials I found on google do not explain the basics or theory of ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor and related classes. They merely show some code with barely useful comments. Looks like no developer really needs this class.
The API docs are not helpful either. The class confuses me. It is not intuitive like Timer and TimerTask where one simply creates a task and a time to do that task.

Can someone tell me if any good books, articles and examples are out there for this API ?

This is what i read (and did not like) so far -





8 years ago