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Recent posts by cherry sawant

I am getting an exception - Software caused connection abort:
JVM_recv in socket input stream read
I get this error for the line as follows:
SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient(mailServer);
The constructor takes the ip of the smtp server.
I have never used the before. Where can I find a documentation or Api for knowing it better as I am debugging the code written by someone else.
How do I get the error above?
Thank You..
19 years ago
I have a page(banner) on a third party site and I want to track how many users are using that page and successfully booking through that page. The page is hosted on my server not on third party site. The request to that page is via a servlet.
There are few options I have thought about but there are some advantages and disadavantages. I want to know which is better solution.
1. creating a table and updating it whenever user hits the servlet from the page.
2. ServletContext.
Thanks in advance.
20 years ago
Thanks For Ur GReat help
Anyways the implementation has been changed to Javascript instead of applet and it has been done.
This might be an help in future.

Originally posted by Chris Chen:
use this:
getAppletContext().showDocument(URL url,String target);
The target argument is interpreted as follows:
Show in the window and frame that contain the applet.
Show in the applet's parent frame. If the applet's frame has no parent frame, acts the same as "_self".
Show in the top-level frame of the applet's window. If the applet's frame is the top-level frame, acts the same as "_self".
Show in a new, unnamed top-level window.
Show in the frame or window named name. If a target named name does not already exist, a new top-level window with the specified name is created, and the document is shown there.

20 years ago
I want to display 5 offers on a ticker where each offer to displayed for 5 secs. I want to implement it in applet. Same time offers should be displayed as a hyperlink on the ticker. That is if the user clicks on the offer it should take it to description page of that offer. This is bit urgent. Can anyone please suggest me how to go about it.
Thanks in Advance.
20 years ago
Thanks, I will definitely change my display name and my problem is solved by keeping a static html redirect page called through xsl file.
Thanks anyways

Originally posted by John Wetherbie:
You could put some JavaScript in the otherwise element that has:
location = "URL to go to";
in it as one approach.
BTW, please check out the JavaRanch naming policy and re-register.

This the first time I am posting any mesage.
<xsl:when test="cottage/postCode != ''">
<td><img src="/0.gif" alt="" border="0" width="13" height="14" hspace="5"/></td>
<td><a href="{cottage/postCode}&scale=1000000" target="_blank">Find this property on a map</a></td>
<xsl therwise>....
Now I want to redirect it to some other page instead of the url given in the href. And that page will take me to the url specified. How do I go about it.The url specified is external. I want to do this becuase I want to count the number of hits on page from my site to this site which I can do only if it is internal through webtrends.
Thanks in advance