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Hi, I must say that XML is MUST-understood.
Although XML is not covered in any official exam objectives, it is really the base concept for Web service.
And by understanding XML, it was really helpful to me in the following objects about WSDL, SOAP, and processing of XML, etc.
I strongly recommend that you should understanding XML before stepping in Web service.

Cause I am newbie to Web service, I prepare for the exam about three month ago and about two hours per day and entire day in some weekend.
English is not my first language, so some concepts were hard-to-understand to me. According this reason, I read Java Web Services: Up and Running, Ivan, and MZ's notes about two times per one.
(In the second time I read those material, I finally found how amazing they are )

And coding by hand in almost every sample in these material was really helpful for me to realize how APIs works and it my be helpful to in the future work, too.

Wish the information above helps.
6 years ago
All I want to say is "Thank you" to everyone who shared their experience.
Special thanks to Ivan and Mikalai Zaikin for their amazing study material.
All material and progresses I prepared for the exam were referenced to the SCDJWS Links.
6 years ago

Himai Minh wrote:As suggested by a rancher,
these are the chapters in RMH's book to prepare for exam ( version 6):
Chapter 1-5
Chapter 13- 14
Chapter 20-23

Go to as suggested by this exam's FAQ link.
There is a free mock exam based on Martin Kalin and RMH's books.

Thanks a lot. Your suggestion is very helpful.

Himai Minh wrote: Here is a list of references for this exam:
1. RMH' J2EE Web services (skip UDDI, JAX-RPC)
2. Java Web Services Up and Running
3. (Chapter 1-5)
4. MZ's study notes on the web at or some other guide?

Also, try It has some quiz that may help.

I wonder if the content of book "RMH' J2EE Web services" is old for the exam's objects?
Is there anyone having read it and can share how it is?