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After 25 years of programming, Knute has retired to be a professional musician. Knute first learned BASIC and Cobol on a CPM Timeshare system circa 1985. He spent way too long coding in one flavor of Business Basic or another. Going back to college, he learned C and a whole new world opened up to him. Knute likes Perl and Java, for completely opposite reasons. Knute is a complex person.
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Recent posts by Knute Snortum

Mezta Dodger: instead of editing a prior post, make a new post so that people looking at this thread can follow along.  As it is now, it looks like Dave asked for something that was already there.
1 day ago
I would think you could expand the setOnMouseClicked statement in makeColumns to look something like this:
You'd need to write the determineComputersMove method.
2 days ago
Thanks for posting your solution.
That's great!  Would you like to share what you did for the benefit of others?
3 days ago
Remember to UseCodeTags (that's a link) when you post code.
5 days ago
I had assumed that you built the jar file.

This has gone from a Maven problem to a Servlet problem, which I know very little about.  So I'm changing the forum this thread is posted in and we'll see if someone else can help you.
1 week ago
To reinforce what has already been said:
Is the variable index really an index?
1 week ago
And you shouldn't.  It will make the following posts look inaccurate.  Instead, post a new reply.
1 week ago
I'm not sure exactly what it means because I don't know what "configure build path" is (in your IDE maybe?), but it seems like a good indication that the jar file has not been updated.
1 week ago

AhFai Chan wrote:@Knute Snortum  why do we need the ViewMaker.class???

What's a ViewMaker.class?  You haven't posted one.

My codes do bring back Scene2 BUT only one control is showing in the scene, rather than all od them. The rootNode for Scene2 is a GridPane, and the widgets for the node are laid out like this:

When Scene2 is displayed, it shows only tdP in the scene.

Why doesn't Scene2 display the whole scene?

P.S. It doesn't throw an error either, in some ways its better if there are error messages, but now, it just display one control i.e. the TextBox for property tax.

I don't understand that code at all.  You add three textFields to nxtNode, then get the children and add them again, then do that same thing one more time?

I think you may need to repost your code as it is now.  Or if you have a GitHub account, upload it there.
1 week ago

AhFai Chan wrote:If I want to pass values from one scene to anther, what's the difference between using an observable array and binding variables?

My understanding is that you bind properties, not variables.  Binding is an action that connects two properties.  An ObservableList can have a listener added to it so you can track changes in the List.

If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to have a value (property?) change in one Scene and have that change automatically update a property in another Scene.  I'm not sure that's possible -- at least, I've never done it -- but if it is, I would think it has to do with injecting one Scene into another and binding properties.
1 week ago
The answer is in here somewhere, but it's hard to understand (for me at least).  It seems that you can continue to develop software for free, but commercial users will have to pay a licencing fee if they use Oracle Java.
1 week ago
There are other problems.  You have a brace in the wrong place.  Also, never write string1 == string2 ; you want string1.equals(string2).
1 week ago
The variable is no longer in scope.  Good formatting will help you see this; see HowToFormatCode (that's a link).

I haven't tried it, but I believe just declaring the variable yes outside of the do/while loop will solve the problem.
1 week ago