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After 25 years of programming, Knute has retired to be a professional musician. Knute first learned BASIC and Cobol on a CPM Timeshare system circa 1985. He spent way too long coding in one flavor of Business Basic or another. Going back to college, he learned C and a whole new world opened up to him. Knute likes Perl and Java, for completely opposite reasons. Knute is a complex person.
Portland, Oregon
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Recent posts by Knute Snortum

Here's the documentation on that:

Show us what you think it would look like and we can go from there.
1 day ago
I'm glad you figured it out!  Thanks for posting your solution.
1 day ago

Aditya Soni wrote:it give us error document doesn't defined

What is the full error message and the stack trace?  (You should include this every time you say, "There was an error.")
1 day ago
I don't know websphere but I do know that Java 1.6 is not supported any more by Oracle.  I would try JDK 1.8.  It's an easy upgrade.  It may not solve your problem but it's a good thing anyway.
1 day ago

zach pass wrote:VisitProcedure class is 200+ lines too long to post...

You could use GitHub to post the code.
1 day ago
Which web archetype are you referring to?  maven-archetype-webapp?  That's current on version 1.3.  You can see the version numbers when you create a Maven project and select archetype.
2 days ago
You have some debugging print statements in lines 40 - 50.  Could you run the program, enter two lines, then post the output?
2 days ago
It looks like you're familiar with code complex GUIs.  Full disclosure: I am not.  But I do know a little about JavaFX.

It looks to me like the left-hand menu could become an accordion control in JavaFX.  The MDI panes could become a tabbed control.  Of course, you lose the detachable windows.

Another idea is to use multiple scenes.  (In JavaFX, you add controls to a root container, add this container to a Scene, then add the Scene to a Stage.)  By changing scenes you can bring up a complete scene graph (controls in a container) one by one.  The problem is that each Scene uses the same Stage (window) so they are effectively modal.

You could also use multiple stages for your multi-windows effect.  I have only used at most two stages, the second one for a modal display, so I don't know about controlling several stages at once.  I can imagine that you could launch several stages with an initial stage as the owner.

I have a simple app written in JavaFX 8 that uses a second Stage to display results, if you want to look at it:
2 days ago
...and welcome to the Ranch!
2 days ago
I'm assuming you're referring to this code:
The type of x (that's not a good variable name BTW) is Enumerator, but I don't know what that class is.  Did you write it?  If so, I need to see the code.  If not, can you point me to its documentation?
2 days ago

Ruben Ochoa wrote:Yes but when I use clear() or remove on if text.equal(Delete){code}, it does not work.

Okay, two things that will help us figure out what's going on.

* It's important to know that ItDoesntWorkIsUseless (that's a link).  For example, you could say, "The element is not removed" or "I get an error."  If it's the latter, be sure to post the entire error message (stack trace).
* Post the code that's problematic.  For instance: When I execute the code arrayList.clear(), all the elements are still there.
2 days ago
Have you looked in the Java API documentation for ArrayList? (I found this site by googling java documentation 10 -- the "10" is just to get Java 10's documentation.)  If you can't find what you need in the documentation, post again and I (or someone) will help you.
3 days ago
Sorry for the late reply.  Could you post the file?
3 days ago
There are many problems with the code you posted.  You might want to make these changes below to your code as you go instead of looking at the corrected code, but that's your call.

* First off, the thing to remember with JavaFX code is that you create a root (such as VBox), add that to the Scene, and add the Scene to the Stage.
* Don't create a Scene at the top of the code; create a root and add to this.  Or, as I did (because the program is short) create the root near the bottom and add all the controls to it at once.
* You added your menus to the MenuBar twice.
* In general, create controls where you use them.
* Things I did you your code that are not esencial: I formatted the code and imports
3 days ago