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since Apr 20, 2013
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After 25 years of programming, Knute has retired to be a professional musician. Knute first learned BASIC and Cobol on a CPM Timeshare system circa 1985. He spent way too long coding in one flavor of Business Basic or another. Going back to college, he learned C and a whole new world opened up to him. Knute likes Perl and Java, for completely opposite reasons. Knute is a complex person.
Portland, Oregon
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Recent posts by Knute Snortum

Sorry if I am wasting your time.

I'm sorry that I'm not being more helpful.

Maybe post your ObservableIDPair class.  Maybe post more context around the showEmpTable() method.
6 hours ago
You're looking to match this string:
and you're using this regex:
But the data that's supposed to be matched by group "mac1" ($1) doesn't have any characters that will match a word character (\w). That may be the problem. But you didn't specify if the exact problem is so I don't know.
2 days ago
What if just the stack or just the queue are empty?

also, don't use

3 days ago
The problem as I see it is that you have all sorts of INFO formats and each one will need a different regex.  Here are the INFO's that I see in your data:
and there may be more.  So I think the pseudocode for the matching part of your program will be:
and so on.
3 days ago

john rawal wrote:I just find out that if depositAmount column or withdrawAmount column contains no value then I am getting null. Any idea how to fix that.


john rawal wrote:I figure it out.

Would you like to share the SQL code?
It sounds really frustrating.  Maybe post more of your code.  Maybe it doesn't have to do with the CellValueFactory at all.
4 days ago
I honestly don't think you can do that in SQL.  How are the rows joined?  I think you would need to gather the two selection from deposit and withdraw and merge them programmatically. I'd put all the deposits for one day on the report and then all the withdrawls.
Ah, that makes sense.  I'm on a Linux system so I didn't run into that problem.
5 days ago
Only A is correct because an Error is not possible to recover from.  You can recover from a RuntimeException.  Also, a RuntimeException IS-A Exception, so if you can catch the latter, you can certainly catch the former.
6 days ago
Here is my entire program that matches one part of the data:
6 days ago

Well I guess I have to use CellValueFactory.

Do you mean a PropertyValueFactory?
1 week ago
JavaFX documentation was -- and probably still is -- kind of spotty.  I've used books to fill in the gaps, but you're right, sometimes there are obscure things that are hard to find.

The two books I've used are a bit dated, but maybe they have newer additions : Learn JavaFX 8, and Pro JavaFX 9.
1 week ago
I suspect your resource folder wasn't setup correctly, although I don't know IntelliJ very well, so I couldn't help you with that.  I have added this thread to the IntelliJ forum.  Maybe someone will comment on that.

The rule when finding a resource (if I remember correctly) is that if the path starts with a slash (/) the path is relative to the classpath.  If it doesn't not start with a slash, the resource is relative to the current directory, usually the project directory.

You can use this debugging method to check what are the entries in the classpath for a resource name.  You can change the logger references to System.out.println() if you like:
1 week ago
Did that work?  I was thinking: