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Hi All!

Passed Web Services certification with 80%. Thanks to MZ quiz and explanations, Enthuware tests (they are bang-on). And not the least, to Himai Minh , I thoroughly followed all the discussion threads on web services from Himai Minh, which cleared most of my doubts.

6 years ago
I'm using RestClient Firefox add-on to test the webservice. Pathparam for GET request are ok, but for POST, its giving the Http 405 error.
I dont know how to write a client. Is it a way to resolve the error?

Could someone let me know if POST works well with PathParam? On deployment I'm getting HTTP 405 error for "http://localhost:8080/RestTwo/two/Food/abc" where 'two' is url-pattern.
Could someone let me know whether JAXR, UDDI are important topics for OCEJWSD 6. Also if Provider API covers Provider implementations for Provider<Source>, Provider<SOAPMessage>, AsyncProvider, etc?
Please go through wsdl chapter in Java Web Services Up and Running.
Could anyone let me know the weightage for stax and xslt topics in ocejwsd 6?
Is the site for OCEJWSD guide down or sth? If so,When would it be accessible?
Why is it that SOAP 1.1 is used for OCEJWSD6 and SOAP 1.2 for OCEJWSD5 ? How different are they both?
Thank you all for the opinions. I think learning XML will be useful.
Hi All,

I'd like to know if and to what extent I should learn about J2e architecture (including Servlets, JSPs and EJBs) for this exam. Any other information on where to start preparing, as I could not understand much from the recommended book Java Web Services Up and Running.
I passed OCPJP6.