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3.2 Machine-specific Programming, also for Embedded & Realtime Systems
3.3 Software for Automation & Process Control
3.4 Requirements and Process Analysis, Requirements Management & Testing
3.5 Structured, Signal Flow, Object- and Component-Oriented Development Approach
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4. Furthermore: Trustworthiness, reliableness, accuracy, continuity, IT competence, sometimes a astonishingly different view on apparently self-evident things, ...
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thanks for feedback,
and pointing that EnthuWare's mock exams are no "violation of copyright and code-of-honor" of Oracle but your own company's intellectual property :-),
and that we are allowed to point to your commercially available exams in this forum, legally :-)


we got 2 mockup exams resources by the training institute

If it was also a violation to name such mock exams, dear moderators, then edit my posting please.
And no further discussion about these "websites".

The two preparation books also contain mock-exam questions...
For each different Java EE certification,
you need different books
a) for learning
b) for preparation of the test.

As you know, you must be OCPJP to pass any Java EE certifcation.

I am just trained do do OCEJWCD 6 certification,

we use for test preparation ( Java EE 6 )
Charles Lyons "OCEJWCD Study Companion: Certified Expert Java EE 6 Web Component Developer (Oracle Exam 1Z0-899)", 2012.

, the alternative is

Esteban Herrera "Java Practice Questions: Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer",

All other known preparation books don´t cover Java EE6, but EE5 or EE4

we got 2 mockup exams resources by the training institute,

"1z0-899 - Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam"
JWeb+ V6 for Oracle Certified Expert - Web Component (JSP/Servlet) Developer 6. 9 Mock Exams - 650+ Questions - NO FLUFF*"

I can´t post the URLs or company names,
if I do I get the error message "Sorry, your post contained a reference to a company or website that publishes real test questions - a practice we do not approve of here at JavaRanch. We have banned all discussion of the websites which do this, because even the knowledge of the names of such websites seems to encourage others to use the website to cheat. If you were attempting to discuss this website for any other reason, we apologize for the inconvenience.
The problem was with the word: "xxxxxxxx"".

I was suprised about the importance of such mock exams for beeing prepared for the test.... I am not used that from IT education at college.

we use for learning ( a Java EE 5 book )

Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates "Head First Servlets and JSP: Passing the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam",

it is BOTH a exam training book, but mostly a learning resource.

, we get infos by the lecturer for the extras of Java EE 6 ( e.g. Annotations ).


Be warned not to take test preparation books for Java EE5 for Java EE6 certification. For learning, the "Heads First" Java EE5 book is ok. But not for exam preparation

See my resources web page about Java certification,
for OCEJWCD the section
Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certification

I just passed "1Z0-851 Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer" exam with 78%,

paid by the German labour office, after 3 month of full-time 40h/w training paid by the German labour office.

1. The paid training of the German labour office is limited to 6 month.
2. I will continue with remaining 3 month by a paid training for "1Z0-899 Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer", and will hopefully pass this too.
3, A Java7 Professional certification would require a to participate in a 6 month course training, while there is currently no such offer for Java 8 Professional. There would have been no time to pass another certification... especially no training and graduation in practical J2EE, like with my web-component training.

2 years ago
The other option is to take instead of "Business Developer", the

"Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer".
I checked the curriculum, it is about using Tomcat, and JSP pages to generate web pages, with little business logic,
i.e. no EJB, JP
so if I would train that and get certificate,
I am shure I would understand, and I would be able to setup a cloud linux system with running tomcat and jsp pages.
But to be honest, for that I might use Python, PHP, NodeJS ect. too...

So as I am not familiar with Enterprise business, e.g. transactions, accounting,
but electric engineer,
able to connect physical systems with software,
would there be J2EE totally wrong?

As I said, jobs without J2EE are quite rare, in job seeker platforms....

In a short,
I am 55 years old,
baby-boomer generation,
have graduated at very-high age of 48 in 2010-02,
I am WELL-EDUCATED in 1000 things,
but I lack of "job experience"
as for me there was never a coder job.
All coding was just done in college project, or own unpaid projects.
So I am a long-term workless candidate,
and I will never have pension from the state.

But I had a nice life,
got many "qualifications",
now the labour office grants me first and last and only time, a paid 6-month training.
There are some worthless trainings out without certification.
So certification and beeing proud of, is my mission only.

So of course nowadys everything is to be able to write web applications.
you may do that with PHP, NodeJS, Python... and Java.
I am unsure for what I need J2EE at all, as engineer,
while Java client-side on the desktop was cool, but never got acceptance in the industry.
So to be honest, probably for the whole IOT / Industry 4.0 / Automation Industry / Data Acquisition, J2EE is not needed.

But I don´t want to waste the time by just repeating my Java1.3 training, so it must be "something on top".
If I could choose, I would take an Android course, or a MIcrsosoft MCSD Universal Platform course and certification, but there are no such offers.

Of course I may decide NOT to take a course at all,
but then the labour office won´t repeat the offer in 1 or 2 years.

To be honest,
with the OCPJP certification, neither OCPJP 6,7,8,
I won´t get a job,
as most Java Jobs ask for J2EE....
So I see the training as the only given chance, to get some certificates, and some extra knowledge.

I have basic Java/C++/UML knowledge,
I just was offered to take the course by the labour office of our state,
as I am workless ( so I won´t find a job with my qualifications, i.e. graduated electric engineer in "Information Technology", as I am discriminated by my age and my past "where I come from" - both is totally illegal in Germany )

So to learn just about JPA or EJB,
does not qualify me to get Java J2EE jobs.
To get a not-really-fresh Java7 certificate alone, does not qualify me to get any Java job at all...


I just have 6 months,
so OCPJP certification plus one extra OCP certification.

The training institute is not willing to let me do a OCPJP 7, but just OCPJP 6
Though with other course combinations with database courses, which take 1 year, they provide OCPJP 7, within the same time of 3 months ( OCA+OCPJP )
They "did not yet decide when to switch from 6 to 7, as 6 is still provided by Oracle" :-(.
Nobody provides OCPJP 8 training in Germany, payed by the labour office.

And to be honest,
teaching the function-oriented software design,
can´t be done within 3 months,
as the courses start from scratch, i.e. the first 4-6 weeks are just repetitions for me.

Other training institutes provide OCPJP 7, but then without extra certification in J2EE.
But usually they reserve more time for OCPJP 7 than 3 months, put extra unnecessary contents ( UML, software engineering ) in the course, so that it is blown up to 6 months.

So it is for "free" the 6-month courses ( both full-time courses together cost about 14.000 EUR, paid by the labour office ), but its "second-class". I know.

So I would take the chance to take the course NOW, not in 1-2 years.

The alternatives are not so valuable
a) "OCE Java EE 6 Web Component Developer"
Tomcat & JSP, no EJB/JPA

b) "OCE , Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer"
Just EJB, not JPA

So I don´t have 9 month to take 3 courses.
Given that OCP Business Component Developer teaches me the basics,
this is better than just to have "half of the job qualifications" ?!

Btw, the support for passing  "OCE , Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" is ZERO = NULL in this forum, as there is no sub-forum for this certifiction.

And I didn´t find any books to help for the "Oracle Certified Expert" certifications, besides for the "Web Component Developer".
There are many books about JPA,
but which books are suitable for EJB on the level of "OCE , Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer", which help to pass the test?


Why is there no  "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" Certification subforum ?
Or if so, where is the "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" Certification included in a subforum here?
Or.. where are infos about "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" in this forum?

I ask here, as
"Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" and "Java Persistance Developer" are both specialisation of "Business Component Developer" certification, from point of view of contents.

I am graduated engineer in Information Technology, but unfortunately workless. So our labour office is willing to pay the course fees for a 6-month IT training and certification.
My skills: Good understanding of UML, object-orientation on the level of Java 1.3 & Python & C++ ( so no state-of-the-art Java knowledge, and little "business experience" with coding, I am more a generalist ).

I am interested in Industry Automation, Data Acquisition, Internet-of-Things, Industry 4.0, and this training and certification should me enable to create server-side java applications for this kind of industry. So I am not expert for accounting and pure-business application, nor for SAP.

I decided to do a Java training and certification, as there are no suitable .NET #C certification offers. See my page with book research results about Java certification

I have the following options, with Java training.

1) 3 month full-time course 40h/w with certification test
"OCP, Java SE 6 Programmer"
2) 3 month full-time course 40h/w with certification test
"OCP, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer"
"OCP, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer"
"OCP, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" ( not yet confirmed to be offered )

One drawback: While the OCPJP course is usual training in a virtual classroom with lecturer and coached excercises, the additional course (2) is mostly self-study, as there are no other course participants, probably. The professional training sometimes exercises the "OCP, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer" course, but "OCP, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer" is rarely to be executed.

Alternatively, I might take a 6 month full-time course 40h/w with certification test "OCP, Java SE 7 Programmer", with OCA / OCP certification, with some superficial training in web components and business components, but then no further certification, at another professional training service

I noticed the Oracle certification tree

Is "OCP, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer" still worth, in 2017?
Or is it so outdated, that I should not take it?
What are the alternatives?

From other sources and this valuable forum, I learned:
This certification is about J2EE5 = EJB3.0 ( so I should not look at books for EJB3.0, not EJB3.2 and EJB2 neither )

So far, I just found 2 books about BC certification

Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates "Head First EJB: Passing the Sun Certified Business Component Developer Exam", 2003.
I was told here in this forum, that it is outdated, as about EJB2.0
Is this book suitable to do training for the certification test, anyhow ?

Paul Sanghera "Scbcd Exam Study Kit: Java Business Component Developer Certification for Ejb", 2005
Is this book about EJB3.0 and suitable to do training for the certification test ?

All other books I found might be about EJB3.0 ( which is subject of certification test ), EJB3.1 or EJB3.2,
but none of the books claims that it helps to pass the certification test...
"EJB in Action" was supposed for reading in this forum, for me then the 2007 issue about EJB3.0, right?!

So I will check this forum deeply, but is there enough free material & paid books, to prepare for the certification test?
Do any commercial online test providers help to pass the test, e.g.
, from your experience ?

BC certification is on "Oracle Certified Professional" level, while - see graphics - the certification "Mobile Application Developer" isn´t offered on the training market in Germany too. Both certifications are not mentioned in the Wikipedia article
So obviously Oracle's certification policy focusses on OCA/OCPJP and the  "Oracle Certified Expert" certifications.
But I have just the option to do ONE extra course, not FOUR.
So if I map the "Business Component Developer" on the "Oracle Certified Expert" level, at least 2 courses "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" and "Java Persistance Developer" have to be taken.
So IMHO "Business Component Developer" is basic knowledge, while "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" and "Java Persistance Developer"  go into details, especially if the double training time is provided ( 2 x 3 months, instead of 3 months for BC ).

So if I just take "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer", do I then have less or no knowledge about Java Persistance?
And does this me more enable for jobs, to have "Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" training & certification, than "Business Component Developer" ?

And... I didn´t find any books which help to prepare for the "Oracle Certified Expert" certifications, besides for "Web Component Developer".
So I will check the other sub-forums for those certifications of this forum deeply, but is there enough free material & paid books, to prepare for the certification test?
Books about the topic, which don´t claim to prepare for a certification, usually don´t help much to pass a certification...


there are "millions" of ordinary PHP web developers out, but just "thousands" of very-good Perl programmers.
So if you are an "ordinary" programmer, with little experience and skills, maybe fresh from highschool, college / university, you MIGHT get a badly paid web designer job if you can do the "job" ( creating a website application,.. ) with PHP,
and become better-paid expert after some years,
but you won´t get one of the few jobs for "urgendly wanted" Perl programmers.
There are no learning-curve jobs for Perl programmers.

Python is an in-between,
on one hand, Python had a little community as Perl,
you might to the same with Python than with Perl,
but in the last 2 years, Python was #1 as first programming language at US unversities and especially free MOOC online courses ( I passed such a free course at Coursera, it was GREAT ).
The number of website projects is VERY limited,
but there is a life in the ( German ) automotive industry as test and script language for HIL systems - so the #1 language to communciate with CAN-bus drivers on a Windows PC.
And on Raspberry Pi microcontrollers with Linux, it is the #1.
There are no learning-curve jobs for Python programmers, if there are any at all.

Java and C# are standards, on its own business fields.

Now the message:
The whole Perl education changed in the last 2 years, with the movement of "Modern Perl" and true object oriented Perl, especially the rising of object oriented programming based on the MOOSE and MOO modules

Please go to this website
I met the owner personally, he is a true Perl expert from my town.
So just read the books and tutorials he recomends, as these teach NEW STYLE of "Modern Perl".

Among his recommendations there is one to-be-paid-book

Beginning Perl
by Curtis Poe

- you might even read that for free at :-) -,
but the rest of the recommended documents is free,

especially the PDF book

Modern Perl

See details about Perl on my link webpage

Btw, I concentrate on Python, but have a look at Perl too.
Though I am such an "ordinary" guy too, with little true work experience in programming. But I don´t wanna go into competition with "millons" of ordinary PHP guys...

6 years ago