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Hi Try using delerative security;I'm assuming you are implementing Session Facade to prevent direct access to the business logic layer. In web.xml identify the methods that a particular role can access.
I am also assuming that the user has been authenticated and authorized to used the application to start with.
According to me the following would be the answers :
1 : E
2 : C
3 : D
4 : A,B,C
5 : C
6 : B,D
Hi All,
Could you give me some input on mock exams available for SCEA part1

Hi all,
Within the JSP, Is there a way to know is the user clicked the back button of the browser ?
Thanks !
19 years ago
Can somebody explain in a bit more detailed manner how http tunneling works ?
Can you post the url where I can access the questions posted by others ?
Hi all,
Could someone please forward me the urls of the various articles on security relevant to the architect's exam ?
Thanks in advance
Hi All,
For SCEA part 1 I want to know what is the extent to which the topic of patterns has to be covered. I'm using the Allen, Bambara book and this topic has been coverd in great details. Would like to know of any other book/article that covers this topic succiently.
Hi Priyanka,
Can you post your code as I have a requirement similar to yours except that instead of "next" or "previous" button I need to display a dynamic list of
page numbers eg :1 2 3 4 ( something like we have in java ranch forum) with each page to display 10 entries.
20 years ago
Thanks Steve,I did have a look I guess what I am looking for is achieving this using the struts custom tags. Thanks
20 years ago
I'm using struts framwork. The data for populating the table is fed from the database using jdbc. The output is displayed in the table.
The format is something like this
S.No | Date | Amount | Details |
1 | 20.02.2003 | 100 | abc |
I'm able to display the details in the table. I need to incorporate the
functionality where in if the user clicks on Date or Amount ( which are displayed as a link ), the application should sort the rows in acending order. Also I want to display only 10 entries per page and provide
1 2 3 4 ( pages link) so that once the user clicks on these the next 10 entries are displayed.
Thanks in advance
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20 years ago
I have a situation where the user has to select the category of the report from a dynamically generated options in a combo box. Based on the option selected, the options for the second combo box are to be generated.
I have been able to dynamically generarate the options for the first combo box. I however need to capture the option selected here and pass it to the dao in the second combo box to dynamically generate the options. This is where I am not able to progress further.
Any suggestions?
The code is as follows :

[ September 26, 2003: Message edited by: Junilu Lacar ]
20 years ago
Here's the code:
In the JSP is as follows :
<logic:iterate id="reportList" name="reportRequestForm" property="reportList">

<TR align="left">
<TD class="table_cell">
<bean:write name="reportList" property="reportID" filter="true"/>
<bean:write name="reportList" property="reportRequestID" filter="true"/>
<bean:write name="reportList" property="submitDate" filter="true"/>
<bean:write name="reportList" property="statusCode" filter="true"/>
<bean:write name="reportList" property="criteria" filter="true"/>

The Form class called RequestReportForm reads as follows:

ArrayList reportList = null;
public void setReportRequestID( int reportRequestID ){this.reportRequestID = reportRequestID; }
public void setReportID( String reportID){this.reportID = reportID; }
public void setStatusCode( String statusCode){this.statusCode = statusCode; }
public void setSumbitDate( String sumbitDate){this.sumbitDate = sumbitDate; }
public void setCriteria( String criteria){this.criteria = criteria; }
public void setReport( String report){ = report; }

public String getReportRequestID(){ return Integer.toString(reportRequestID); }
public String getReportID(){ return reportID; }
public String getStatusCode(){ return statusCode; }
public String getSumbitDate(){ return sumbitDate; }
public String getCriteria(){ return criteria; }
public String getReport(){ return report; }

public void setReportList( ArrayList reportList){
this.reportList = reportList;

public ArrayList getReportList(){
return reportList;
The Action reads as follows : It fires a sql query that returns a ArrayList
else if (request.getParameter("submit").equalsIgnoreCase("Refresh ")){
ReportStatusQuery q = new ReportStatusQuery();
ArrayList reportList = q.getReportStatus();

The DAO code snippet is as follows:
public void handleResultSet( ResultSet r ) throws SQLException {
while( ) {
//rsb = new ReportStatusBean();
rsb = new ReportRequestForm();
rsb.setReportRequestID( r.getInt( 1 ) );
rsb.setReportID( r.getString(2));
System.out.println(" Request id : " + rsb.getReportRequestID() );
The stuts.config entry is
I'm getting the error : Servlet Error]-[No collection found]: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: No collection found
20 years ago
Hi All,
The situation is as follows:
1) Once the user logs on, he is displayed a list of reports along with the status.
2) This list is generated by firing a query to the oracle database.
3) The data returned from the query is stored in a bean called ReportBean
and a ArrayList consisting of a number of ReportBeans is returned.
4) This ArrayList is to be used in the logic iterate tag of struts.
The status is as follows:
1) Have been able to create the ArrayList in the Action class.
2) I also have a getter and setter method for the ArrayList.
3) However when I am using the logic iterate tag, its failing stating
No collection found.
1) How do I get around this problem ? ( Some example will definitely help)
2) Given that a form is also a bean, would it be a cardinal sin to create an
ArrayList of forms ?
Thanks in advance
20 years ago