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Recent posts by Paul Simon Connolly

Cheers Buddy!
I must explain my reasons for asking the question.
I was testing it across my personal laptop and my work laptop but it wouldn't work (My work laptop has a ridiculous amount of security on it).

One of my mates called over with his personal laptop an hour ago and we tried it and it works perfectly!
Going to submit it this weekend!
Hi All,

I've got my project (codewise) finished (URLyBird 1.3.2), just tidying up the javadoc and fixing a few small PMD issues.
I've been reading how people have been running the server on another machine and connecting remotely from another machine.
My question is "Is this required?"

The requirements state for RMI

To avoid unnecessary complexity in the marking environment certain restrictions are placed on solutions that use RMI. Specifically:

You must not require the use of an HTTP server.
You must not require the installation of a security manager.
You must provide all classes pre-installed so that no dynamic class downloading occurs.
You must use RMI over JRMP (do not use IIOP)

Kind Regards,
Hi All,

I'm just about ready to upload my project and register for the exam, just doing final checks, and I've one remaining question at the moment.
"How should the client handle a loss in connection to the server?"

At the moment, if I kill the server and then try and search, I show an error message to the user stating that the connection has been lost and that the user will need to restart the application.
Would you say that this is good enough? Or should I have some sort of reconnection mechanism?

Kind Regards,

That's a very, very old topic. I challenge you to find a similar one from 2008-2009 onwards

Hahaha, That's very true. I just thought it would be wise to ask the question and be sure.
I'll just go with not implementing and explaining my reasons why.

"Surely if they still wanted people to adhere to the 48 hour, they would've added some valid dates into our db's"

Cheers, Buddy!
Cheers, that makes feel lot better as I don't see the logic in implementing it! It should really be something that the CSR should enforce if they choose to, not the application as it could seem as a limitation of the application (or annoyance) more than anything else.

e.g. Customer wants to book a room, the room won't be available for another 10 mins (due 48 hour rule), do they have to wait the 10 mins before they can book the room? Is there any leeway?

There seems to be too many open ended questions which could be associated with implementing this, so I think I'll leave it out, but I'll mention my reasons why in my choices.txt
Although I've read forums where people say they failed because they didn't implement it.
Hi All,

It's my first post here and I'm looking for help.

I'm currently finishing up my OCMJD project "URLyBird 1.3.2".
The instruction.html states "They take bookings only within 48 hours of the start of room occupancy".
The problem with this is, my db file has no rooms which meets this criteria and the user won't be able to book any rooms using the db I was provided with.

Should I implement this? Has anyone had the same problem? Has anyone passed the OCMJD without implementing the 48 hour rule?

Kind Regards,