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since May 09, 2013
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Recent posts by Filippo Galante

Goodmorning everyone.
First of i hope to be clear and you will be so kind and patient to explain me what I am doing wrong. By the way, I'm developing a selective update system with Struts2. It's simple... The user can create selective updates for one or more facilities where another web-app (the one to be updated) is running. I'm stuck on the facilities selection. I want to create a table, where the user can select (by using a checkbox) one or more facilities where the updates have to be executed. I need some corrections on how to display the data and how to change the checbox values and save them.

Thanks in advance. This is the code:



Thanks everyone, if you need any clarification, i am here
8 years ago
I've found what i was looking for here!

The scope interceptor can be used to pass arbitrary objects from one action ActionA to another other ActionB, provided you have a getter in ActionA and and a similar setter in actionB. Also, you should use a key parameter to make sure you tell ASF/WW which action gets which objects. This allows you to mix several actions with several scopes, without running the risk of getting wrong objects.

8 years ago
So i need to create the contestants and jurymen setter/getter also in the next action?

Thanks for your patience...
8 years ago

Richard Golebiowski wrote:Redirects go to actions, not JSP pages.

Thank you for the answer... But as I said i'm new in struts... can you please be a little more specific?
8 years ago
Hi everyone, i'm new in Struts2 and i'm trying to create a web-app where the user can create a contest, registering name, date, number of contestants and jurymen, after compiling that form i need to pass the contestants and jurymen parameters to the next action in order to make a form for the contestants registration with the contestant and jury data (first name, last name, age etc...). i tried with this code looking around on the web:


Can anyone explain me where I am wrong, it will be very usefull
thanks in advance
8 years ago