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Another thing:
There were 4-5 very looong questions (I mean half of a high-res screen long or more) that asked you what is the "best" way to implement something in application (security for instance). So I spend a lot of time on those kind of questions. They were also 2 questions with obvious typos in question part and one of them had possible typo in answer (it was one of "best choice" questions and you can't be sure if they put that typo on purpose or not).

Maybe that's why I got the impression the exam was a bit more difficult, but truth there were around 15-20 questions I didn't was more than 5 seconds on. If you pass on Enthuware you'll pass on real exam for sure.
8 years ago

I passed JEE6 Web component developer exam (1Z0-899) with 84% this week and want to let you know about certain changes in exam:
1. Passing score is now 61% (was 64%).
2. Time is reduced from 140 to 120 minutes.

Now about the exam preparation:

1. I read HFJS and Charles Lyons book once, then went straight to Enthuware exams. Did 5 of them, scoring on average 68%. Did 1 test per day, reviewing what I did wrong and re-reading HFJS. The rest of mock exams I did avarage 70% with last day test 86%.
2. Note that I did Enthuware exams very quickly (40-50 minutes) and did a lot of stupid mistakes
3. Did Piotr Nowicki mock exam (thanks Piotr).
It took me about a month to prepare and I'm glad I did 84% since I didn't care about result (my employer wanted me to pass it).

Exam itself had some tricky questions and in my opinion was a bit more difficult than Enthuware. Did it in 90 minutes and took my time to review the answers.

I didn't know results right away. They were e-mailed to me (gave me a link to Certview result page).

All in all, it was a good experience and I'm glad i took my time to get certified.

I would like to thank this forum for provided info!

Best of luck for other test takes.
8 years ago
Enthuware simulator is only 20$ and it helped me a lot with OCPJP. Its not free but 20$ compared to 300$ for exam is really not much.
Thanks for info. I will give HFSJ a try too!
Hi all,

first of all I want to thank all members for being a great help when I passed my OCPJP6 few years back. Since then I have gained some experince in Java, Spring and other related technologies and now my employer wants me to take EE exam.
I choose this(web component) since it seems I have most experience in this area.

I have Charles E. Lyons preparation book for EE5 and am wondering is it enough to learn from it and just read Servlet 3.0 specs?

In short, is Charles E. Lyons JEE5 book + Servlet 3.0 specs + Enthuware simulator enough to pass the exam?