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Recent posts by Fintan Conway

One thing I do is look for youtube videos demoing the functionality that I am looking for.

It is not ideal but has helped me reject some libraries/tools that I would have downloaded and experimented with, just to find that they did not do the job.  Mainly I find that the video helps me filter out stuff that does not do what I want.  However, if the video shows that the software has/does what I need then I have a mini-tutorial to get me started!

Downside - not every library has a video on youtube.
Code Review - Praise in public, Criticise in private
OpenJPA command line enhancer

gives the following error:

It seems to find my class name from persistence.xml.

I have tried running the command from the directory where the java file resides (hence the dot in the classpath) and from the package root, but it refuses to find my class

What am I missing here?

Many thanks,


I have tried using ordinary Tomcat server with JSF 2.3 (I am using Eclipse).  Unfortunately, I am having as much problems getting JSF to work on Eclipse with Tomcat.  I have tried to get CDI working in Eclipse but to avall.  I have tried the options set out in this link Installing CDI in Tomcat, but cannot get CDI working.

If I stick to using TomEE and openJPA I am getting the following exception:

javax.el.ELException: <openjpa-3.1.2-r66d2a72 fatal user error> org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException: No metadata was found for type "class com.waycontech.jsf.add.persistence.Student$$OwbNormalScopeProxy0". The class does not appear in the list of persistent types: [com.waycontech.jsf.add.persistence.Student].

It seems there is an inner class added to my Entity class which openJPA tries to persist instead of the class itself???

If I try to use Tomcat, I am having a problem using JSF.
If I try to use TomEE, I am having a problem with openJPA.

Any help would be appreciated,

1 year ago

I have a simple JSF 2.3 application and I am trying to use JPA to persist my data to the database.

I am using TomEE 8.0.6.

I am not using Spring.  I am not using EJB.

Unfortunately, I am getting a "Transaction required" exception when I try to persist data to the database

My configuration files


My Java files

My JSF page

When I call studentController.addStudent(student) the error gets thrown on the line entityManager.persist(student);

I know the DB connection is working because the following page calls studentController.loadStudents() and displays a list of the students.


Any ideas on how to get the transactions working?

Many thanks

I am a jQuery newbie, and am trying the example for popup from the site JQuery demo popup.

Here is my complete code :

but the popup text appears on the page, and nothing happens when I click on the link.

Am I missing a css file or a javascript file? Is there something even more basic that I am missing?

I am not even sure that I need the jquery-ui.css file.

Thanks for your help,


Stefan Evans wrote:
Ok... fine...: go look at include directive vs include tag

Thanks for this.

Where does the RequestDispatcher fit into this scenario?

Can it be replaced by <@ include "header.jsp">? or by <jsp:include "header.jsp" />?

Or is it a different beast altogether?

Thanks again,

11 years ago

Simple question (hopefully). Is there a difference between using the include directive and RequestDispatcher.include().



11 years ago

Christophe Verré wrote:This is not a JSP problem that you have here, but an Eclipse problem. Make sure your web application is configured to use your class files. I'm moving your thread to the Eclipse forum.


How do I do the above?

Many thanks
I have been to to try and download the JSTL library. It redirects to which does not allow me to download the JSTL library.

Is there anywhere that I can download the JSTL library. Oracle site seems to be one big circle jerk when looking to download.

Many thanks
12 years ago

John de Michele wrote:Fintan:

Have you googled 'JMF javadoc'? I found information right away.


Hi John,

I have tried this. Unfortunately there is no information on how to programmatically play an MP3 file, using either JMF or the MP3 plugin. I could find no javadocs for the mp3 plugin.

Could you post links to where you found sample code / javadocs for coding to play MP3 files please?

Many thanks,

12 years ago

Wouter Oet wrote:Have you tried the JMF MP3 plugin?

Hi Wouter,

I have downloaded this and installed it. However I cannot find any documentation on how to use it within my code. Do you have any links/suggestions on how to code using this mp3plugin.jar?

Many thanks
12 years ago
Hi all,

I have an application that plays an MP3 song.

I have package the app into a jar, and included the MP3 song in the jar.

I would like the jarred app to pick up the MP3 song from the jar and play it from there, rather than having to include the MP3 file separately with the application. Is this possible?

I have found lots of ways to play "sampled audio" songs (wav, etc.) like this, but I cannot get it to work with an MP3 file.

I have also tried the following using the Java Media Framework (JMF), i.e.* packages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
13 years ago
Hi Peter,

Would you say that the practices in your book would make a programmer / programming team more Agile?

How would these practices fit into an RUP development methodology?

Is Code Craft something entirely different from these "S/W development methodologies"?


Hi Guys,

Do you have a short and snappy way to explain/sell Agile Development to management in ~30 seconds. I was caught off-guard with this question once and did the usual techie thing of explaining some of the ways of doing Agile development rather than focussing on benefits that would ease this guys problems. I would like to have a ready reply if this situation ever arises again.



PS I think this may have been answered here before, but when I looked for it there were only 4 topics in "Agile & other processes", so apologies if I am repeating an already answered question :roll: