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Recent posts by Dax Joshi

Ausan Abdulhabib wrote:Congratulations.

I want to know how long you have take for the preparation.


It took 6 months besides of my job hours.
9 years ago

Siamak Saarmann wrote:Hi and congratulations.

1- May I know how much lower was your Entuware than the exam?

For OCJP my Entuware average was around 15% lower than the real exam.

2- Also how much of the Entuware tests did you finish and learn before the exam?

Thank you

I took enthuware tests for learning purpose, never eveluated myself on its basis. There is many many to learn. I had attended around 50-60% of its questions many times.

I have even missed 10-15% questions of it, those could contribute to my score. Anyways, it's good score.
9 years ago
I have cleared OCE WCD 6 with 85%.

I referred Head-first Servlet and JSP. Also the Murach's servlets and Jsp.
Entuware's exam practice helped alot.
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:You're right. See the entry for question 30 at http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/errata.csp?isbn=9780596516680

Thank You
9 years ago
I am not able to copy the text. A bigger screenshot should work out.
9 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:

Dax Joshi wrote:In the given attachment, I think of answer of F not of D. Your views please.

My view? Dont have one. The image text is too small!
Please copy paste the text instead of posting screenshots.

The image can be opened in new browser tab also. Anyways let me try to post it as text.
9 years ago
In the given attachment, I think of answer of F not of D. Your views please.
9 years ago
I think that both returns a string (url encoded with jsessionid, if required).

Returned value from any can be used with sendRedirect method.

then what's the major difference ?

Anindya Roy wrote:
encodeURL() is used for all URLs in a servlet's output. It helps session ids to be encoded with the URL.

encodeRedirectURL() is used with response.sendRedirect only. It is also used for encoding session ids with URL but only while redirecting.

9 years ago

I have gone through api doc. It seems very similar to me. I couldn't find out a liitle difference. Could you please elaborate.

William Brogden wrote:Looking at the JavaDocs for the HttpServletResponse interface the specific difference is documented.

The encodeRedirectURL() method includes logic for handling a session ID.

The JavaDocs are your friend for questions like this.


9 years ago
What is the difference in working of encodeURL(String url) and encodeRedirectURL(String url) method HttpServletResponse class' object ?

In which different scenarios one should pick one ?
9 years ago
Thank you

Kondwani Chipeta wrote:Congratulations Dax.

9 years ago
I Passed it a year ago, 12th July 2013.

I prepared with SCJP 6 Book by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. Solved Test exams taken by software cd, comes with this book.
Also solved SCJP Practice Exam book by the same authors.
9 years ago
On the front end, forms are generated dynamically from json. Any number of input elements can be there. I want to store all input data to my existing table, which is defined by persistence annotation @Entity and @Table.

I am using Spring-Hibernate-MongoDb integration and for that using mongoTemplate in DAOs.

How can I insert data? How searching and sorting can be done?
10 years ago
I have a page request with many product set in session and a id in request to change product details

form in page is like...

Product.java is like..

values in dropdown are being set in form by script but on from submission I get '0'

Pleease reply as soon as possible.
10 years ago