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Recent posts by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

We have a need for calculating the number of business days from a given date. Wait, that is ambiguous.
I pass you a date and an offset in days, you return the date that is the number of business days equal to the offset from the date passed. (example, date = friday 1/1/00 offset = 2, method would return Tuesday 1/5/00)
I can easily do this, but am wondering why they deprecated the date object with the calendar object and don't offer any business days functionality for the new calendar object? (isBusinessDay()???) Don't even get me started on holidays....
Anybody do this already?
22 years ago
use modulus iffin you want to round...
22 years ago
Hummmm. Hummm. Hummmmm.
Apu not having much success. Have you tried unix, the redirection will work there.
Actually, in the abscence of creating your own compiler, you can create your own class to compile and conserve output of the compiler. Bloody ridiculous, but what the hey.

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22 years ago
can I refer to YOU without your name?
Apu, must edit.
Have you tried? And if you did, what did you find out?
I didn't work.
to all those waiting
you can if you use aliases, wink, wink.

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me again,
JDBC is a take off on ODBC. I'll assume no knowey ODBC.
ODBC is a 'standard' to allow people to access 'other' databases.
I, oops, Apu thinks ODBC = Open Database Connectivity.
Hum, Apu wonders what the "J" could stand for...........
Hi back.
Define data source? How access? what OS? Server/Clent?
Nobody, can answer your question as it it is very broad. Ooops. apu cannot answer without more info.
Construct the proper calendar class with the date you retrieve, apu thinks (make an object, then use). The calendar class deprecates the date class (object itself), methinks.
Smack apu upside head iffin he wrong.
Better answer when Apu has JDK in front of him.
Better answer tomorrow......
is this a java question or a DB (database) question?
close Marilyn, you left out the text. Clickey the edit icon and see how I did it.

[This message has been edited by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (edited September 28, 2000).]
22 years ago
You wrote;

another way to do this is a compound switch statement:class

He asking you what you meant by that. I think you mean a cascading switch, very populat in C++.
Steve is right, Stephs concept is a little better, both require hard coding of the data, something that gives Apu a brain freeze faster than engulfing squishees, but...
A compound switch would indeed imply a switch statement inside another's case. Though, I am having trouble try to come up with a good reason to do this, wait...

something like that, though there may be more elegant ways.
22 years ago
Coding standards, heck any standards are like.... religion.
Or maybe, not.
The standards have to be followed/enforced/followed, lol.
Set, oops, define, then set, your own standards.
Follow YOUR own standards.
Post back and hopefully the silly standards questions disappear.
Squishees are the fundamental food for life.
22 years ago
I'm back.
Define picture. Picture of computer screen? Picture of your family bbq?
After you edit the picture, what are you gonna do with it?
Wait... send me a picture, I will edit and send back.
Great learning experience.
22 years ago
Apu hates,....abhors methods that don't behave.
If you open the stream, it will flow.
Iffin you stream.close() and stream still flow..
Apu want better close().
22 years ago
Use of the goto/label machanism is very poor programming as far is style is concerned. But that is not my concern.
Anyway, there is no goto in Java, thank god.
Anyway, the labeled break/continue works a little differently that you have coded.
Without a label 'continue' goes to the next iteration. Break, passes control to any finally clauses and then escapes from loop.
With a label, control may pass to another controlling structure.
Notice how control is passed to an outer loop or another controlling structure, very important.
22 years ago
How do you even compile the code snippet?
ByteArrayInputStream does not have a close() method in Java 1.1.8.
22 years ago