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I had to import; and add ( (BindingProvider) welcomeSOAPProxy ).getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.SESSION_MAINTAIN_PROPERTY, true ); in the client code.
Here is the condensed code:

8 years ago
Hello ranchers!

I'm a newbie to WebServices in Java.
I'm trying to use HttpSessionScope in my project, but for some reason the session is not remembered.

I created the following code to test what's going wrong.
The idea is to
- call for "init" WS method to initialize rand variable with a random int - "session id" & print the id number in GlassFish Server output window in NetBeans.
- afterward, call for getIdmethod. This will print the id number .
The value should stay the same.

The problem is that when calling getIdmethod i get 0 as value.
It looks like the value that has been initialized is lost.

Why does it happen?
What I'm doing wrong? Been trying to figure out for hours

Thank you in advance, Danny

8 years ago