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Recent posts by Dhayakar Tulasi

What are the features of JDK 1.7

Explain with sample examples
8 years ago
What are the features of JDK 1.6 ?

Please explain with sample examples
8 years ago
Why marker interface doesn't contain any methods?

Why we use this interface and how it works?

Can we write our own marker interface?

Please expalin
8 years ago
Where do we need Threads implementation in real time web-application?.

please explain with sample examples.
How to handle TransactionManagement in JDBC?

How to handle batch statements in JDBC?

How to define the save point in batch statements and how to rollback the transaction to particular save point?

Please explain....
1) we can integrate the Spring with JDBCTemplate

2) Also we can integrate the Spring wiht HibernateTemplate

Which one will give the best performance and how to configure TransactionManagement ?

please explain
8 years ago
Can I implement the Cache using Servlets?
If yes then how to implement?
If it is No then Can I implement the cache from stand alone application for multiple table ?

please...... explain the cache
8 years ago
How to handle transactions in spring and what are the prerequisites ?
How to define a save point in batch of statements and How to rollback a transaction to a particular save point?

please........ explain
8 years ago
How spring framework handles the exceptions?
how to write user defined exceptions in spring and when to go for this type of exceptions?
How to handle the data base related exceptions in spring?

Please explain
8 years ago
What is the difference between the singleton design pattern and singleton scope in Spring?
8 years ago

Is Spring Container supports the request scope from standalone application?
8 years ago
How LDAP works?

Question 1> why do we use LDAP?
2> What are the prerequisites for that?
3> How to configure the LDAP in my application?
8 years ago
How Servlet Filters work?

Question 1> When to use Servlet Filters?
2> Please explain with example.
8 years ago
Bean scopes in Spring are singleton, prototype, request, session, globalsession.
Question1 > Difference between each other?
2> when to use which scope?
3> How to decide which scope and when that to use?
4> Difference between singleton and prototype scope?

Please explain with some example.
8 years ago
How spring framework is good comparing with other frame works? And what features it will provide?
I know some features like IOC, Loose coupling and layered architecture. I want to know something new about spring (why should we go with spring).
Please answer my question.

8 years ago