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Recent posts by munish sharma

i have created a new JSP page which uses jstl/core and formating message functionality !
The project is made in netbeans 7.3, it is a maven web appplication ( with pom.xml )
when i run the page the label is formatted around ??? viz "???label???"..
what possibly am i missing ??

pom.xml :

<project xmlns=""; xmlns:xsi="";










<%@ taglib uri=""; prefix="c" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="fmt" uri=""; %>
<title>JSTL fmt:message Tag</title>

<fmt:setLocale value="en"/>
<fmt:setBundle basename="com.tutorialspoint.Example" var="lang"/>

<fmt:message key="" bundle="${lang}"/><br/>
<fmt:message key="count.two" bundle="${lang}"/><br/>
<fmt:message key="count.three" bundle="${lang}"/><br/>






Expected OUTPUT:

5 years ago

I created 2 web applications in netbeans using servlets . Now when i right click on one application to run it , the server starts other web app too !!

Though this is not a problem , but would anybody tell me why this happens and how do i stop it.
I appreciate your help, thank you people !

getResourceAsStream() worked, and now i will try this code with ServletContext.getRealPath() ;)
7 years ago
Hey hi again

I made my code run fine . I have a little doubt though.

When i created a Web Application Listener to load a file ......... i could only load my file from D:\Test\text.txt
instead i want this file to be placed in WEB-INF folder !!

For this to happen i have tried editing web.xml like this

But this does not work ..... only when <param-value> is D:\Test\text.txt the application responds

text.txt exists in both directories...!!
what to do ??
7 years ago
no every things is running fine without exception .

i want to update the view ! How should i continue ??
i am i missing something ??
7 years ago
Exactly !!
web app runs fine , but as you say nothing happens as MyList is not there

what should i do to create a file and populate it ?

7 years ago
I have recently started developing web applications, and thats why i am using text files
Herein Admin and user are involved , so instead of HTTPSession i think context would serve my purpose better.

InitializeProject ( a web apllication listner ) implementation goes like this :

deployment descriptor looks like this :


I need suggestions.....!!
do i need to mannualy create this data file (demofile.txt) in WEB-INF ?
my view servlet is not getting updated!
7 years ago

I was working on a web app wherein i have stuck. !
In This webapp i have a controller servlet, 2 view servlets ( one of which fills the form & other servlet displays the information)
i tried to create a text file that will contain the data (model data !!) . This is data which is generated by form_servlet, and it has to be displayed by display_servlet

i used web application listner , could anybody write a small working application demonstrating this, because i don't know where i am stuck.
7 years ago