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Nag Venkat

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Recent posts by Nag Venkat

I need to find whether servlet is invoked by httpAdapter or httpBrowserAdapter.
Can i find it using HttpServletRequest?

can any one let me know about this issue.
6 years ago
Matcher ma = Pattern.compile("\\[somestartstring(.*?)\\](.*?)\\[someendstring\\]",Pattern.DOTALL).matcher(matchString);

this works fine..its a matter of space.
6 years ago
I have added a regularExpession like this:

Matcher ma = Pattern.compile("\\[somestartstring (.*?)\\](.*?)\\[someendstring\\]",Pattern.DOTALL).matcher(matchString);
while(ma.find()) {


Iam not getting 2nd table results ie.

As that is not matching the pattern.As sencond table dosent have "width".we need to add some kind of or condition for that in regex.
6 years ago
hii thankyou iam able to get all the values in between the square brackets.
Now iam facing another issue.i will be getting the string lke this:

[somestartstring width='200px']\nresult\njgjgjiju\n78,75,96,3,2\nhitendra sunkara naga\nno[12456,789],model,make,speed [someendstring] Stroing\nin between is[somestartstring]gfbgf\n75,56,89,22 [someendstring]";

Matcher ma = Pattern.compile("\\[somestartstring\\](.*?)\\[someendstring\\]",Pattern.DOTALL).matcher(matchString);
Iam not getting acurate result when i use the above one.I need

" width='200px'" along with the other matching results.

hitendra sunkara naga

can you help me in solving this.we need to add an Or condition in regex for [somestartstring] to set all the text inbetween.

Thanks in advance
6 years ago

I have a String like this:
[someendstring] Stroing
in between is[somestartstring]gfbgf

i need the result like this:


basically i need the text inbetween [somestartstring] and [someendstring]

For this i have writeen a regular expression like this;
Matcher ma = Pattern.compile("\\[somestartstring\\](.*)\\[someendstring\\]").matcher(matchString);
while(ma.find()) {

Can any one help me in solving this issue
6 years ago
Actually i need to send that value in postData, you can ignore that alert statement..Do we have any thing to convert that to string and pass it to postData
In javascript ,generally if we use longNumbers ,above 15 digits,then it will roundoff automatically.I need to convert that large integaer to String,is it possible.I tried toString Method.But it is not working.

Iam getting alertStatement value as 3074457345616770600,can you help me in solving this.

Hi iam planning to add store specific conditions in TelesalesRegistry-ext.xml.For that i need to know the extendsion point

From Server execution starts from TelesalesBaseServiceBean(this is a sessionBean).In this method we will have sendBODItem that method,we are making call to OAGISCmd's..from there to some other classes and finally it will pick classes like "ExtShowStore,ExtShowCustomer etc"

I have tried to know how this sessionBean is getting called.but i coud'nt.

can anyone please let me know about it

code should be like this:

<Noun name="Store">

<Verb name="Get" storeId="10309">
<Verb name="Get" storeId="10304">
<Verb name="Get">



7 years ago
Actually i have a map returned from my dataBean lke this:

{address1Error=true, address1Length=30,address2Length=29,address2Error=true,cityError=false,restricetd=true}

I need to het this the values from my map:

Sample code is like this:

var mapValue={address1Error=true, address1Length=30,address2Length=29,address2Error=true,cityError=false,restricetd=true};
//TODO now i need to met values in that address1Error value etc
i tried like this
mapValue.address1Error.But it is not working
hi K. Tsang

I need an sql.As length is not fixed. catalogid can be at any pos of the url some times it may be frst parameter and some time it may be the lastparamenetr
Hi Chris,

Actually that is OOB feature.We canot do it now.and moreover it canot be in the same location.some times it can be like this:

Iam actaully migrating E-spots.There will be number of url's like this in that table.Now i need to replace all the old catalogId's with new ones.
I have a table named collateral.In that table i have a column named URL

In that column we will be having urls like this:

How can i get the cataloigId value from the above url.Can we use SUBSTRING
Yeah,i have tried using ajaxCall.But i prefer Zip.

7 years ago
Hi ,

I need to download multiple files from my jsp,My jsp will receive a string array,and in that each array will have a filePath.I ggot the solution to download multiple files by Using ZipOutPutStream,But i don't want to Zip Them,I need to download them in a folder.In that folder i should have all the files.

7 years ago
hi ,
i ahve a table named that table i have a field named URL.
those url values will be like this :ShippingPolicy?storeId=20051&langId=-1&catalogId=10051@productId=675675&categoryId=86789

now i need to replace catalogId,productId etc with neew values instead of existing values.

for that i need to run following queries:
update collateral set url = replace(url, '10379', '32121')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '10512', '33058')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '12001', '32243')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '12002', '32262')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '10307', '32056')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '13501', '32265')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '17002', '32257')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '11003', '32274')
update collateral set url = replace(url, '16501', '32274')

above update statements will work fine.But when we try to run them at will throw error as database won't suppot..
So,is there any option for this,or do we need to run one by one.