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since Jul 29, 2013
Ganesh Samarthyam has 12+ years of working experience in IT industry. He is currently a corporate trainer & independent consultant based in Bangalore. He has authored/co-authored many articles, research papers, and books. His latest book is "Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer Exam 1Z0-809" published by Apress in 2016. For more information, visit his website: https://ocpjava.wordpress.com or his LinkedIn page: http://bit.ly/sgganesh.
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Recent posts by S G Ganesh

Hi Roger,

Hearty congratulations for your book - and the book looks quite interesting.

I have a question regarding Mesos vs. Kubernetes. What are the factors to consider when choosing between Mesos or Kubernetes? Is it possible to use Kubernetes on Mesos?

Thanks and wishing great success for your book

Best regards,
5 years ago
Hi Allen B. Downey & Chris Mayfield,

All the very best for the success of your book. Couple of questions:

1. Is this book meant only to be used for an undergrad Java course or is it for general public reading?
2. How does your book different from other zillions of books on beginning Java programming?
3. Does the contents of the book align to OCAJP 8 certification?

Best regards,
6 years ago
@Deepak: The book looks interesting and is on topics that are buzzwords today - all the best for the success of your book!

1. Does your book also covers topics such as scheduling, self-healing, and storage orchestration in Kubernetes?

2. Can I run Kubernetes locally in my laptop using Docker? If so, how (or does your book cover that)?

3. Since Kubernetes is from Google, how does it relate to Google Container Engine (is Kubernetes optimized to use with GCE)?
6 years ago
JavaRanch is an amazing place - thanks to the forum for giving us an opportunity for this book promotion. Our thanks for asking questions and hearty congrats for the winners
Our Hearty Congratulations for all the winners. Once you read the book, whatever comments you have on the book please post it as a review in Amazon.com page for the book.

All the very best for cracking the OCP8 exam!
Just to add to what Scott said, it is better to take OCAJP exam first and then take OCPJP exam - because OCAJP is easier than OCPJP.

Just looking for a book to help me with the upgrade exam, not the full exam 1Z0-809.

To my knowledge (any of you can please correct me, if I am wrong), there is no book that is dedicated to covering *only* 1Z0-810 or 1Z0-813 exams.

Have you considered re-releasing the book with the material from your Java 7 book that you removed?

No, not yet. Writing a quality book is effort intensive, and at this moment, we don't have any plans to write a book dedicated to 1Z0-810 or 1Z0-813 exams.

I would like to stay neutral: please check the list of available books in amazon here.
Hi Alfonso Sanz,

As we can observe from the comparison table of OCA/OCP8 exams, you are right that for the same 2.5 hours (150 minutes), OCA8 has 77 questions whereas OCP8 has 85 questions.

However, it does not imply that the questions in OCP8 will be shorter when compared to OCA8 questions. In fact, many questions in OCP8 we got were quite lengthy, sometimes spanning two pages (especially the ones with long code segments)! More number of questions to answer in less time does make the OCP8 exam more difficult to crack than OCA8 exam. In fact, we know many OCP8 exam takers struggle to manage their time and complete all the questions successfully. So, time management is an important factor to cracking the OCP8 exam.
Hi Meenakshi Sundar,

To our knowledge, only two books are available for OCP8 (specifically 1Z0-809) exam preparation, one from Apress and another one from Wiley.

Each author(s) approach a subject from a different perspective and bring in their uniqueness. We had already written OCP7 book which sold really well, and it was only natural for us to revise that book when OCP8 certification came out.

Will your book help me study for this exam?

Of course yes, our book will certainly help study for this exam. It covers almost all the topics for the exams 1Z0-810 and 1Z0-813. However, nowhere in the book (especially title) we have mentioned that our book supports 1Z0-810 or 1Z0-813 exams because if we promise that we thought we should ideally provide mock exam(s) for each of these exams (which we don't).

Our focus in this book is mainly on 1Z0-809 (as mentioned in the title) and we believe we have done a good job in covering that well. You can still read it for 1Z0-810 or 1Z0-813 exams since - except for some omissions - it covers the exam topics well.

DirectoryStream is covered in page 307 in our OCP8 book. We had covered topics such as NumberFormat & DateFormat (pages 411, 378, 381), WatchService (page 274) and ReentrantLock (page 456) in our earlier OCPJP7 book but did not include it in the OCP8 book because it wasn't mentioned in the 1Z0-809 exam sub-topics.

All the very best for your 1Z0-813 exam!

We have put together useful resources that will help you in OCP8 exam preparation here: useful resources.

Are the books (Java the complete reference 9th Edition) with (java 8 in action) enough ?

No, not really - they are excellent books, but they do not cover the breadth and depth of topics required for cracking the OCP8 exam. Take a look at the Oracle's exam page for 1Z0-809 - you will find that it covers a wide range of exam topics. So, I would recommend a reading a book that is meant for OCP8 preparation - this approach is especially useful if you are pressed for time and can afford only limited effort for exam preparation.

Hi Thillai Sakthi,

To prepare for the certification is an effective way to put focus on learning new things. Especially, Java 8 has interesting features - mainly lambda - but also amazing APIs, especially streams and date/time API.

For preparation, if you prepare for 1 hour a day for 10 to 12 weeks, you stand a good chance to pass the exam. It is not to scare you, but the OCP8 exam is reasonably difficult exam, so you need considerable preparation.

All the very best for your exam!

what classes / constructs are important to master when studying concurrency for the certification?

Executor, ExecutorService, concurrency collections (Phaser, CyclicBarrier, etc), CopyOnWriteArrayList, Callable, Future, Fork/join related constructs (such as ForkJoinPool, RecursiveTask, RecursiveAction)...

Since it is a vast range of classes and interfaces that we need to be comfortable with, the best approach is to solve problems (write code) using them. Of course reading relevant JavaDoc pages certainly helps.

Chapter 11 (Concurrency) of our book covers all these classes/interfaces to the necessary depth and breadth required, so request you to check it out. Given that this topic is vast, reading quick reference card before attending the exam will also help.