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Nusrat Sultana

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since Aug 24, 2013
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Recent posts by Nusrat Sultana

I am not sure about whether i should post this message here or not but i need the answer of the question very badly ..

I am using JTS in java I have a Polygon and a LineString , I can easyly find the Coordinate where the LineString intersects the Polygon .

But what i need is , the edges of the Polygon where the LineString Intersects the Polygon . Is there any way or any method which will return me the intersecting edges of a polygon with a Line ?
6 years ago
At last it worked after almost 2 days struggling
I want to share my changes if it helps someone else later :

1. I have to add in my user-servlet.xml file

2. Put my css files in src/main/webapp/resources
3. To use css in jsp use

Thanks to everyone .

6 years ago
Hi ,
as your project says , I have moved my css folder in src\main\webapp\resources\css
in my user-servlet.xml file
Linked the css using

Now when I open my project in my browser , I can only see a "resources" folder and can not access my other jsp pages .
6 years ago
I know this has been replied a thousand times already but still i could not manage to load my css in my Spring Project .
I have put my css file in

Following is my user-servlet.xml

I have configured Dispatcher Servlet in my web.xml

I am posting part of my Controller

I have loaded css in my jsp as following,

Please help me figure out where am i doing wrong ?
Some thread post regarding this problem says to put , in user-servlet.xml , But this mapping has some conflicts with my DispatcherServlet in web.xml and makes all my servlet unreachable and gives 404 .

6 years ago