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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

What version of IntelliJ is it?

Is it a plugin that is doing the code checking for the query?

Whichever it is, does that version handle Hibernate 5?
In that case you define an Enemy class that has whatever attributes are needed.
If it's just a probability then that strikes me as fairly simple.

Since this is an adventure game I would, to be honest, expect most of this to be defined in other files that the game loads up into classes.
1 day ago
next() doesn't read lines, it reads tokens (by default up to any whitespace character).

That aside, can you describe how you would go about reading this data in?
In order to do that you will probably need to decide how to model it in Java.
And for that you will probably want to think about what would be most useful in terms of how you are going to use the data.

If this is the only thing needed from this data, then maybe some form of Map, mapping the name to some list of objects representing the years and ranks for that person.
2 days ago
You have a List<Double>, not a List<Double[]>, or even List<List<Double>>, so I'm not sure how you would identify where one group of Doubles ends and another starts.
2 days ago
Which static value is acting strangely?

I don't see the inner class in there?

Also, how a jar file is built will have no effect on the internals of your code, so something else is going on.
2 days ago
It's not specific to the main method.
That error simply lists all the allowed method  modifiers that could be there, whether they would be valid in every case or not.
volatile and default are never valid for a method.
The TreeMap for the commands ensures that, when the printInstructions method is called, the list of instructions appear in the correct order.
Using a HashMap and it's unlikely they would appear correctly.
3 days ago
Try and do it as one query.
In general it's best to get the database to do the filtering as that's the sort of thing it's designed to do.
It's likely to be better at it than code you would write.

Not that finding the tutor address is filtering.
As you said, it's joining.
They're both references.

one points to a String object with a value of "a".
two points to a String object with a value of "b".

When you do:
one = two;
you are setting the reference of one equal to that of two.
In other words, you are setting one to point to the same obect as two.
6 days ago
All that code should be in a servlet, not a JSP page.
At least then you could debug it properly.
1 week ago
So can you post the actual code, and the output?
As a new post (don't edit the first post).

That way we can see exactly where it thinks it is going wrong.
As it stands I cannot tell what is happening at all.

Also, can you include in that the whole of the try/catch/finally block, not just the first bit of the try part?
That output does not match the logging lines in the code.
In the code you have two lines that output "DerbyApp starting in...", both of which have to come out if the loadDriver call works (and it has in both).

That they haven't come out in either runs indicates that the code provided is not hte cod that was executed to produce that output.
Why should the subjectNames changing be a problem?

I expect the numbero f subjects to vary, but that's why I said that you would have to build up the set of '?'s in the query:

What does the xml look like now, and what is the full exception, preferably with the stack trace?
1 week ago