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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

Your class seems to be in a package called packageB.
Assuming it's in a folder called packageB, then you should be in the folder that contains packageB when in the command line.
Then the run command would be:
java packageB.ClassB
12 hours ago
The debugging's not the question, really.
It's whatever special bit that existed in the Eclipse/Wildfly set up where they were in the same JVM.
I expect that's it, though. Wildfly was running int he Eclipse JVM, so used the same Sys.out, which would be the Eclipse console.
Now it's in its own JVM they no longer share an output stream, so Wildfly's output no longer appears in the console.

I would run up Wildfly outside of Eclipse entirely, then you can watch the Wildfly console in a terminal if you want.
3 days ago

Kirk James wrote:
I mean, when I think about a recoverable error I suppose that somewhere in my code the exception is catched and nothing will be rethrowed back from it.

That's not a recoverable error.
That's just a way of reporting an error.
4 days ago
Do it the other way around.

The intersects method of Rectangle only takes Rectangles, and a Polygon is not a Rectangle...
5 days ago
According to those logs it deployed.
6 days ago
It goes left to right, but in this case it makes no difference.
1 week ago
You don't close any of your resources off in a finally block.
Indeed the only one you do close at all is ResultSet.

Since this appears to be a desktop app, I assume there's just the one Connection, so closing that is not so important.

Line 56 (and associated 53).
Does this work?
I'm fairly sure you can't treat a column name in a WHERE clause as a bind variable.

Personally I'm not keen on treating 0 as an null id. It's a perfectly valid value for an id.
Null would be much better.

That's the immediate code parts.

Design-wise...since I can only get a meaningful search by providing either an id or a name, then why expose this method at all?
I would have two methods that call this one, one for searchById and one for searchByName, which could call this one which does the actual work.

Indeed I would possibly even remove the if statement entirely and shift that up into the relevant method and they can pass the WHERE clause down into here.
That would remove a bunch of parameters and if clauses.

Paul Clapham wrote:I'm not sure what all of that means, but Salvin already demonstrated how to open the debug shell by posting a picture.

Monica is saying that when she does what Salvin shows that there is no "Debug Shell" option in the drop down.
Then, when selecting the "Other" option at the bottom of that drop down and then entering "Debug Shell" in the filter box that it does not appear either, implying that the view does not exist in her Eclipse.

Indeed, looking up the history of Debug Shell it looks like it came in with Photon, so is not available in Oxygen...which is 3 years old now or so?
1 week ago
If you've made a code change can you post that?
1 week ago
Have you printed out what each of those values are at each stage?
Just to ensure they are what you think they are.
That includes values returned by a method call (eg bid.getBid() and ask.getAsk()).
1 week ago
Well, looks to me like that's not deployed anything to that tomcat server.

I don't rely on an IDE to do any deployments, as I have always found them to be a little flaky.
So I can't help with that.
If you want to run it up outside of Eclipse then you need to place a WAR file into the webapps directory.
2 weeks ago
How did you deploy the web app onto Tomvcat?
What is the directory structure under the tomcat webapps directory?
2 weeks ago
Head First is an old book (15 years old now I believe) and so the installation instructions are out of date.
As Carey says, if you're getting a response back from a 'javac -version' call then it has installed.
2 weeks ago