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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

OK, so show us the output.
Without those extra attributes.

Show the HTML produced.
3 days ago
If you want to display everything in the list, why are you using the begin.end attributes of the tag?
4 days ago
Calibre was what I had in mind when I dug up my second link above.
Having converted a PDF with images/diagrams etc into an EPUB ... well, let's just say it struggled a bit.

And plus points for using "procrustean"!
4 days ago
Then you'll need to find out why your app needs LocalDateTime and see if you can remove it from your dependencies.
It should be possible, as I think you said it was from some generated code?
4 days ago
You have stuff in your app that requires a minimum API of 26.
There's not a great deal you can do to get that to work on pre-26 devices.

I assume this is down to the use of LocalDateTime?
4 days ago
Found this project on GitHub:

But in general the conversion of PDF to EPUB is very much an "it depends", at least as far as a good conversion goes.

See this article:
4 days ago
The connection pool does the retry of the physical connection, and handles the queuing of the request for a connection if needed.
5 days ago
Since you need java.time, the minSdkVersion should presumably be 26?
5 days ago
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Could not load requested class : com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver

That line suggests that the MySQL driver jar is not in the runtime classpath of the application.
6 days ago
Connection pools generally have a queuing mechanism when requests exceed the available connections.

If, in some situations, connections are not being returned promptly then you will increase the likelihood of this queue being used.

Indeed, a general slowing of the application is one of the signs of the connection pool struggling to provide.
This doesn't have to end with the app completely locking up, as most pools have a reclaim mechanism for connections that have been inactive for a certain length of time.
So it all depends on where in your code, and how many places, you are failing to hand back connections.
Somewhere that is infrequently exercised will have little effect, somewhere more middling will slow the app down, somewhere common will probably cause it to die.

So failing to close connections properly does result in an app slowing down, and may (but not necessarily) result in an app throwing lots of connection exceptions.
6 days ago
Tim was asking what version the phone is running.
6 days ago
What do you mean by "too many"?

Code that makes 1000 DB calls is going to take more time than code that makes just one of those 1000 calls (well, in most cases).
That's pretty much life.
6 days ago
What do you mean by "it does not work"?

The only way I can see to get that method to fail is to have the test attempt to write to a file it is not allowed to write to.
That might be a slightly fragile test (it's reliant on a specific set up of file and user), but it's the only way that comes to mind at the moment.

Edit: That's for the save method.
For the load method it should throw a FileNotFoundException if the file does not exist, which I would expect to be the case here?
6 days ago