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Recent posts by Dave Tolls

And what problems do you have with that code?
Does it compile/run.
If so what response do you get when you make that call?
Have you tried putting the war into a stand alone tomcat?
I tend not to use the in built launchers in IDEs.
3 years ago
How are you compiling and deploying this?
Because that error implies the servlet is not being deployed as part of your app.
3 years ago
That's a good point there.
The chap who is our (current) SM is just one of the team, and isn't always about (same as the rest of us).
We don't actually notice him not being there, as him being the SM is a bit of an irrelevance when it comes to the stand up 90% of the time.
3 years ago
If you hit problems then post the issues here.
There's not much point leaping between DB trying to find one that works if there's something fundamentally incorrect about the set up.
Try the API docs for the add method.

"Shifts the element currently at that position (if any) and any subsequent elements to the right"
You mean a specific query?
You can show the progress of iterating over the response, but that may be a fraction of the time, depending on the query itself.
Also, what do you mean by "conversion".
3 years ago
to_date needs to be told what format the string you want to convert is in.
I would say that's "how do I extract the date stamp that is the first 8 characters of my PNR value"?

The time subtraction is just a case of using the available date functions in Oracle.

The code you have at the moment:

is actually backwards.
You want to to_date the first 8 characters of the PNR, and then subtract them from sysdate, to get a duration.
Well, you are inserting multiple columns, at least from your INSERT statement above.

I'm really not sure what the issue is.

Can you show us some example data, and then what you are seeing in the table that is confusing you?
Give your enum a method to retrieve the correct code:
3 years ago
They can't start with a number.
They have the same naming rules as variables, so they must start with a letter, '$' or underscore.
3 years ago
Why would each Account have a total for all accounts?
That doesn't make much sense.
3 years ago
What Jeanne says.
You are not reporting to the scrum master (a common misconception, it has to be said).
You are keeping the team informed about where you're at with your work.
3 years ago