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A Software Engineer Holding Master's Degree in Computer Application,who Loves what he Do.

When i am not Coding, probably i am watching Hollywood  movies (Mostly), Cooking, Playing War Games or Hanging around with Friend's.
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Recent posts by Rohit Kumar Singh

i dont know how to generate it using Barcode4J ..

I am using Barcode4j in my Classpath .

I know how to genrate it using Barcode.jar.

but I have to use barcode4j.jar.
I am adding a pic of my generated pdf, the one with blue pen mark are the values i am adding to pdf at runtime.
the one with red mark is the barcode i am generating... i want to generate it dynamically...

Any guesses ???

I am using iReport for creating my Jasper Report.I have a list from which data is populating,I want to add dynamic barcode in each Iteration of my List.

Any Suggestions ???
Wishing One and All, Blessed Christmas ahead..

8 years ago

E Armitage wrote:Another popular one I've used is flot:

Thanks a lot ...

But this is Paid i think , I need an open-source one ..
Hello ,

Can anyone suggest me , some good sites for Jquery Chart Plugins...
I have seen JqPlot, but i am unable to start with that ...

If someone knows some good tutorials or sites...

Then Please do share ..

Thanks in advance ...
Hello .

Below is my Stack Trace Output.

I Strongly Believe that this is Due to Some Missing Jar Issue..

Please find Below The Jar's i have used.

Please Tell me Which Jar I am Missing ..

Thanks In Advance.
8 years ago
It's Resolved...

Thanks for the Concern ...
8 years ago
The Exception is,
org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionStoreException: Line 11 in XML document from ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/config/sdnext-servlet.xml]

But I dont know from where it is arising ...

Please check my sdnext-servlet.xml file..

BTW thanks for the reply
8 years ago
Hello All,

I am Doing a Simple Spring and Hibernate Integration Project, But I am Getting 404 error..

I am putting all my codes and project structure and error ...

Please Help Me out ..

Seriously I am Feeling frustrated..






This Was My All Code now i am putting the project structure and the error messege... Please Help !!!

8 years ago
See the Problem .. I am Uploading the Webpage.
Actually After Jumbotron, i have divided the screen in 4:8 Grid.

In Mozilla Firefox the grid is working ok, but in IE8 it is not working correctly..

I have uploaded both the Snapshots ..

Please see it .
I was Designing Some Webpage's in Bootstrap.
It Was done Successfully, and the output was as expected(in Firefox).

But when i am testing the same in Internet Explorer 8, It have some Alignment Issue..

Same issue is there when i am resizing Mozilla Firefox.

Please Help..

Any Suggestion Will be Helpful.

Thanks and Regard's

Rohit Kumar Singh.
I think you are Correct ... I Think
this link is suitable for posting questions related to bootstrap ...
8 years ago