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Recent posts by Sarmad Thebo

^^ I have the same question.. Can the exam be scheduled for any date after 31st December ?

I have one question on the discount. Will voucher have to be used before 31st Dec after the purchase or can be used next year as well? i.e. can we plan exam next year after buying voucher this year?

Congrats for passing!!!

Please can you clarify that can I really prepare with scjp 6 book for OCJP7-1(1Z0-803).

Are the syllabus same for both of the exams.

Well scjp has more topics than actually required for OCAJP 7 .. so you will have to study up to chap 1 to 5 .. skipping the "Assertions"
after that only go for the String, String builder classes, its methods etc
and most important don't forget about our old buddies, Vector, ArrayList, HashMap and some other collection framework classes... Don't go too deep , just some important methods.
I'm sure there is a thread here regarding the topics to study from scjp 6 book.. for OCAJP 7.
Hope this helps..
7 years ago

first of all congratulation.
i admire your attempt to help the way i'm trying to register for the ocajp7 exam but i couldn't.could you help me .

Thanks, well good luck with that.. It took me more than 4 months to get the voucher because I was told to buy it from the Oracle authorized Re-sellers.. the day I made the payment, two days later Oracle and that company's annual agreement/license expired .. so my Order was hanging in the middle until their agreement was renewed .
Just inquire from your local oracle helpline service, they will guide you and tell you the names/locations of the Legit Oracle Authorized Re-sellers. You will get the voucher through email once you make the payment after 7-8 working days.
7 years ago
Hello All,

This is I think my 2nd post on code ranch.. I passed OCAJP last week, but due to a very busy schedule couldn't make a post until now.
This was the toughest period of my life preparing for the certification exam. The tension.... finally the relief...

It took me more than 5 months.. (inconsistently) and only in last 2 weeks I took the preparation to the next level..

I bought Enthuware Mock first of all, after making a lot of searches on the internet and reading reviews here on the forum... I failed the standard exam miserably.. 43%
Then I started checking for all the explanations of correct and incorrect answers..
feeling "only enthuware" is not enough .. I started a journey on google to find a perfect book to prepare and then test myself with enthuware mocks..
I came across "Edward Finegan and Robert Liguori's" book ... studied from it .. the book was good... no dis respect to the authors.. but I was bored off
and it was more like basic stuff than actual exam tricks... so I only studied up to chapter 3 ..
after that My friend (who was preparing for SCJP 6) he gave me .. actually I borrowed ..
the book "SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Exam 310-065 Guide" by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates..
This book is the best, very fun to read .. I studied up to chapter 1-5 and some String/StringBuilder classes
I hope they finish their new book for ocpjp 7.. My new target .. !!
After finishing chapters 1 - 5 .. I started taking enthuware mock exams again ..
and I saw a gradual increase in my progress..
2nd Test 51%
3rd Test 62%
4th Test 70%
5th Test 70%

Actual Exam result 81% ...
I just thought that I should make a post regarding my success .. because I too read others success, their experience as how they prepared etc
so its only fair to help others who are planning to attempt for this exam ..
Exam was difficult .. but I managed to finish with 15 minutes remaining ... to check the marked questions ..
The passing score has decreased but the level of difficulty has increased .. yes They were almost as difficult as enthuware mocks .. but I was more focused attempting the actual exam.
p.s : I couldn't sleep the night before the exam
7 years ago

Arabic (the script), Sindhi (the language), it doesn't matter. You don't need to mess with UTF-8 or UTF-16 for ordinary String processing since both of those are fully supported by Unicode and Java fully supports Unicode.

Now you might have to make sure you've chosen a suitable font for your Swing components. That would be one which supports all of the characters you need to use. (Google "Sindhi font" if you don't already have one.) You should also make sure your keyboard is configured to support those characters too.

You may well find that Sindhi web pages are encoded in UTF-8; there's nothing special about that, I always encode my web pages in UTF-8 even though they are in English. UTF-8 can represent all Unicode characters.

Thanks this really helped to clear my confusion, i wish i could give you a +10.
Yes i will download the Sindhi fonts now ! Thank you once again,
8 years ago

Of course you can use the equals() method on Arabic text.
But text fields are not intended for entering options. They are intended for entering data. More a case of name = nameField.getText();
You would usually use buttons or menu items for options.

Something went wrong with the copy and paste on the Arabic text when I ran that little program. The original on the terminal looked a lot better. Where the = is at the very left, a space has been missed out by the software.ery

dude this language is not arabic ! like is said its my local language, its called Sindhi .. i searched on the internet for Sindhi literals of unicode and there appeared be onlly UTF-8 written on every page i visited ! Now i have to see the differences between them ! *sigh*

i know about controls,

see this,

The code should be something like this, I'm too lazy to write the main method but you can get it
i have tried this and this is not working for me !
i intend to make a text to speech based on comparisons of words, if the word matches a method containing querry would run, playing an audio file.
8 years ago
i wana make a desktop app ! My idea is to compare my local language words,
if it was english, it would have been a piece of cake ! But since i can't directly use an arabic or similar words in my program
for example:

I'm sure you can't do this ^

8 years ago
I've searched for hours on internet hoping to find a way, but i didn't find anything!
I want to know if there is any way to find out the UTF-8 value of any string ? For example, in JTextField , the user enters a word of my local language

Now is there any way to find out UTF-8 value of لاهور ? Something like this \u0644 !
This is my first post in this forum.
If you can't see the word which i posted then check this page‎
8 years ago