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Recent posts by Amine Taha

Sorry Jude, I don't have the t-shirt because I did not pass any exam during this period, but I plan to ;)

Good luck Dóra. Show us the T-shirt when you succeed
Hello Ranchers,

Just wanted to share this information with you if you don't know it already.

Oracle Certification is launching two promotions on Java Certification starting on June 1, 2016 and continuing to December 31, 2016: 35% discount on Java Upgrade Exams AND a Java Certification Recognition T-shirt.

We are encouraging the Java community to upgrade their certifications to the most recent versions (Java SE 8 and Java EE 6) to stay current and achieve advanced skills. There is a 35% discount on qualifying upgrade Java exams.

In addition, ALL candidates who earn a Java Certification during the promotion period (June 1 - December 31, 2016) will receive a Java Certification Recognition T-shirt for their certification achievement.

Hope it will help some of you ;)
Hi Everybody,

I just passed the exam and got 94%.

My advices to you are simple:

1) Read some of the stories from The Wall Of Fame
2) Read Head First
3) Read the specification to knox about the new features in Java EE 6
4) Do some coding (I followed HF and did the examples in the book)
5) Piotr Nowicki's Exam is a MUST so you can grasp concepts like Asynchronous processing...

Hope it'll help you in your preparation.

Hello Ranchers,

I just finished this morning the "1Z0-899 Java Platform, EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert " Exam with a score of 96%.

I decided to write my preparation story on this Forum as soon as I get my certification because, honestly, I wouldn't be able to do it without your Help, Thank you ALL Brothers and Sisters ! So here we go

At first, I began with "OCEJWCD Study Companion 3rd Edition (formerly SCWCD Study Companion) by Charles Lyons". Just so you know, I am a Java Developer but I don't have any knowledge in Java EE plateforme, as I work in plugin-development (Eclipse RCP). So, it was very difficult for me to grasp the concepts from this book. I don't know if it's just me but It is very heavy to read and take a lot of stuff as understood when it could have put more explanation.
I read it all and then passed the first and second exam from enthuware and i scored 49% and 61% :-(

It was clear that i wasn't ready for Test Mocks yet, so I decided to go for Head First Servlets and JSP. A VERY VERY GOOD BOOK, I recommed it for every beginner because it explains every point in the most simple way possible. Plus you can code the examples and believe me it helps a lot.

After HF, I re-read specific chapters from Charles Lyons' book: Chapters from 8 to 12 and chapter about Security.

I want to thank "Piotr Nowicki" for his amazing exam (you can find the link in SCWCDLinks), it helps a lot in preparing the new topics of J2EE 6 like Asynchronous Requests, annotations...

Finally, ENTHUWARE. This is the best 20$ that I ever spent. It IS the best place to prepare for this exam. It simulates the exam in such a perfect way, it tests you in every aspect and every objective of the exam and It is slightly difficult So if you're getting good scores in Enthuware you will get a GREAT score in the real exam.
My results were as follow:
Test 1: Before HF 61%, After HF: 93%
Test 2: Before HF 49%, After HF: 86%
Test 3: 81%
Test 4: 81%
Test 5: 72%
Test 6: 75%
Test 7: 77%
Test 8: 79%
Test 9: 72%
Final Test Exam: 85%

I want to thank you Ranchers for your help and for the gyus who posted their stories. I want to thank Charles Lyons for his book, tough but great. Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for their AMAZING book HF. And you guys in Enthuware, you ROCK !

Hope this helps other people!! Good luck to everyone preparing/taking the test!!
PS: Sorry for my bad English It's not even my second language :p