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Yasir Ayaz

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since Oct 27, 2013
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Recent posts by Yasir Ayaz

Hi Roel,

Thanks for your quick response it helped me a lot :-)
One more question i can see the wire transfer payment method when i click on buy button on Oracle Website to purchase training but i don't know the account number to transfer payments using wire.
Do you know the account no or any step by step guide to order the training ?
Also can i pay using my Master Debit or Credit Card ? and if i complete OCMJD without training and then i purchase training after some time then is it possible to get the certificate ? or i must purchase the training first in order to get the cert ?
Actually i don't have enough money to purchase the training for now i just want to get the other things done first like (assignment and essay exam) then after completing these two things i'll purchase the training to get the certificate is that fine ?

Thanks Much

I am new to this website, I have just passed OCJP SE 6 exam now i am preparing for OCMJD but i am confused about the required training to complete the certification path.

I have few questions about the training.

Can i purchase the assignment and essay exam before purchasing the training course ?
What are the payment methods available to purchase the training ? Can i purchase it from pearson?