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Recent posts by Jan Herfs

one of my tools worked without a problem for years. Old Jar files still work without a problem. But as soon as I export a new Jar file in eclipse, I encounter some weird bugs.

At first there was this Bug:
There is a class A in my project. At runtime at a certain moment, that class A gets new sourcecode, gets compiled and loaded again (the new file is placed on C:\ outside of the workspace). No problem in my old jar files. But as soon as i export my tool now, i get exceptions saying, that "org.blablala.A cannot be cast to org.blablabla.A". Cannot cast to itself suddenly?
But now i get this one:
The tool successfully compiles that new class A, and loads it without an error. But: It starts working with the old Class. My tool expects there to be a new field "a" in my new class, but wont find it, since java still working with the old fieldless class, running into an exception. The eclipse console also shows a link to that old java file in the exception.

The background why i use reflection: The tool gets a set of data from an oracle database. The user can define custom Java functions to validate that data. Stuff like "if(a > b){ show me some warning}" Those functions get compiled at runtime.

Any Ideas? Or what information is missing?
Using Eclipse SDk 4.2.1
Java SE Dev Kit 7 Update 21 (64-bit) (Installed 14.05.2013)
Java 7 Update 71 (Installed 16.10.2014)
5 years ago
Hey Guys,
just registered, so sorry if the topic is wrong in "Spring", wasn't sure, its kind of basis Eclipse Stuff i guess.

I have a simple and working Spring Project with an Aspect, an ApplicationContext, javaagent is declared and i have a META-INF/aop.xml File. The Program runs, the context works well, but the Weaving won't take place. The Weaver only reacts when I put the META-INF\ Folder directly into the bin\ Folder in my Workspace. Of course that works for a moment, until Eclipse deletes it in the build process. I have been trying around with some Classpath and Buildpath Setups in Eclipse, but i have no Idea. Another way was just putting the aop.xml into a .jar File named "META-INF" and add it as external jar, that worked too, but that looks pretty stupid.

Where does the folder belong to? Thanks.
6 years ago