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Recent posts by La Vish

La Vish is not a fictious name, my friend. It is short for Lakshmi Vishnu. If Mahalakshmi Annadurai could change hers to Maha Anna why not La Vish? I am using that name since 2002 and suddenly in 2014 you find that it is against your same old naming policy? You could change your name to Man God and still it would be valid, wouldn't it
8 years ago
Thank you to both Ulf and Jeff. I am slowly getting into android app development and every bit of information helps.
8 years ago
Hi Jeff,

I explored the contents of your book through the link available in this site. I am more confused now. I just started learning to create android apps and since a couple of months I have done nothing but reading every tutorial, every example, every article about android app that is there to read. I am under the impression while both look similar Android is different from Java ( especially classes) and that's why they use Dalvik instead of JVM. Now how come Java replaces Android? What has changed?
8 years ago
Yeah, JavaScript reminds me of my friend's grown up son. The boy is now 21 and his dad still feels one day he will grow up and provides him with all the support with utmost care and dedication. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
What then is a "true" OO programming? When I was young they said only "smalltalk" and "Eiffel" were true OO languages. Since then many languages have been developed. Is any one or many of them "true" OO languages? JavaScript is also around for more than a decade. I am sure it is a OO language -"true" or not. By the way what difference does it make? Except inheritance is there any real difference?
Thank you to all of you authors for sharing your thoughts. For your next book please remember the age old saying: " People always judge a book by its cover". Good luck.
Hi Michael and Josh,

I am 63 years old and can easily understand SPA. But what I don't understand is the significance of putting that man's(Egyptian King?) picture on your book. What are you trying to convey with that picture? and what is he saying with his hand outstretched?

I am an infant developer in Android and a toddler in Java. As luck would have it I have managed to set up the Eclipse, Android SDK and even ADT for Eclipse. What more I have even managed to develop simple projects. So far so good. But I decided to develop in Android because of a specific reason: All I need to develop is a Calendar where in every alternate thursdays in each month is highlighed with a red color, like they do for Saturdays and Sundays. How can I do this?
12 years ago
Hi Kiran,
Check this OUT
You should look up the standard faq given at the top this forum page.
Thank you guys!
18 years ago
Is there any site I can visit to see how algorithms for java programs are written?
18 years ago
Hey, that was a good one and I fell for it!
Only thing is it's April 2 here in australia.
Atleast .Net crazies think this site is fantastic enough to attack it.
It is like this.Normally before you start trading in the stock market you are advised to learn all the tricks of the trade by reading books,attending seminars,listening to experienced people and then when once you gain some qualifications in stock trading you gain confidence to leap headlong into the world of bulls and bears. However, there are plenty of stock traders out there who are making millions in the market and they never did any of the above.If you ask them how they do it they just smile at you!
Inspite of this experience if they take an exam on stock trading most of them will fail miserably.
It is a tradition in programming that you first learn the language rules aka JLS and then understand how a compiler compiles the lines of code you have written. SCJP tests just this aspect.Once you master this,so they say by giving you a certificate,you can enter into the exciting world of programming fully confident.
In your case you are the million dollar stock trader. Why do you have to bother about gaining a certification in stock trading?