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Howto prepare for LPIC-OT 701: DevOps Tools Engineer?

Have a working understanding of:

   Modern software applications and cloud services
   How tools support DevOps collaboration

Can apply their knowledge to:

   Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines
   Build, deploy and orchestrate application containers
   Automate system configuration
   Build system images and run them locally and in the cloud
   Monitor applications and computing instances
   Manage, collect and analyze log data
   Use Source Code Management and Version Control

thank you

Katy Paren wrote:I want to take 1z0-051 exam. I need your help for great result. What book can i use? From where i can get practice tests like exam?

quote from

Oracle Certification Prep Materials
Study Guide for 1Z0-051: Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I
1Z0-051 Practice Test
1Z0-051 Study Guide -- DDL/Objects

I can 100% recommend Matthew Morris. He is an Oracle certification master.

I bought this stuy guide:

Study Guide for 1D0-541: CIW Database Design Specialist: CIW Certification Prep
by Matthew Morris

This Study Guide is targeted at IT professionals who are working towards becoming a CIW Database Design Specialist. The book provides information covering all of the exam topics for the CIW certification exam: "1D0-541: CIW Database Design Specialist". The books in the CIW Certification Prep series are built in lockstep with the test topics provided by CIW's certification program.

Each book is intended to provide the information that will be tested in a clean and concise format. The guides introduce the subject you'll be tested on, follow that with the information you'll need to know for it, and then move on to the next topic. The guides contain no drills or unrealistic self-tests to bump the page count without adding value. The series is intended to provide a concentrated source of exam information that is compact enough to be read through multiple times.

it's really a back to school exam. I bet most devs don't remeber all this stuff. Even if you are fluent in SQL, there is much new topics at this exam.


anyone took EMCDSA? Please write about it


Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)
Achieving EMCDSA certification confirms your ability to immediately participate and contribute as a data science team member on big data and other analytics projects by:

Deploying the Data Analytics Lifecycle to address big data analytics projects
Reframing a business challenge as an analytics challenge
Applying appropriate analytic techniques and tools to analyze big data, create statistical models, and identify insights that can lead to actionable results
Selecting appropriate data visualizations to clearly communicate analytic insights to business sponsors and analytic audiences
Using tools such as R and RStudio, MapReduce/Hadoop, in-database analytics, and Window and MADlib functions
Understanding how advanced analytics can be used to create competitive advantage and how the data scientist role and skills differ from those of a traditional business


A strong quantitative background
Experience with a scripting language, such as Java, Perl, or Python (or R)
Experience with SQL

Required Exams

on amazon there is a study guide
I took MySQL for DBA and MySQL for developers official Oracle training. Version 5.6 eKit is a complete remake (no old stuff from Sun). Both training 5 days.

I failed the Admin 1Z0-883 with 3% less. Will try again.
I failed developer 1Z0-882 with 20% less. Won't try again.

I have limited practice with MySQL. Will learn hard and setup a VM.

The exams prove to be very difficult. A lot of questions about new features not available in MariaDB.

**** happens
7 years ago
I recommend you

  • C100DBA: MongoDB Certified DBA Associate Exam
  • C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam

  • MongoDB very hot topic. Much more valuable than Oracle stuff.

    Why Certification?

    MongoDB Certified Professionals are individuals with proven MongoDB expertise. MongoDB certifications recognize developers and DBAs with the knowledge needed to build and maintain MongoDB applications.

    MongoDB ranks as one of the hottest job trends and one of the most highly compensated technology skills.
    Increase your visibility among hiring managers and recruiters.
    Foster credibility with your employer and peers in the developer and operations communities.

    did anyone took MongoDB Professional Certification?
    7 years ago
    posting was one year ago. Did you took it without real world experience?

    thanks for feedback
    7 years ago

    richard barnett wrote:Yes and passed the Certified Developer exam. There is also an administrator one.

    It was one of the tougher certifications I have taken. In part because my preparation was not so good.

    You spoke about Associate developer?
    Which other certifications did you took?

    Did you also took C100DBA?
    7 years ago