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Recent posts by Jackie Wang


I would like to develop the pictures which I have taken from my digital camera. However, there is no date in my picture. IS that possible to have a "date stamp" for the picture information "Date taken"?
Can any one suggest some software can achieve that? Hopefully freeware.

17 years ago
can anyone suggest what Unix commands i can use to maintain
a log file directory and prevent it from running out of disk space.

Are there any advantages and disadvantages of that?
17 years ago
If an SQL SERVER process (running via a stored procedure) becomes very
slow (usually takes 60 mins to run, now takes 180 mins to run) what
steps would you take to diagnose why there has been an increase in run
time and what could potentially be the cause?

Please kindly let me know. thanks a lot!
17 years ago
Look at the following file contents with tab delimited information on
each line (the headings are not part of the file but provided for
information only):

FirstName lastNAme Age Salary
john smith 22 11000
simon baba 21 20102
sarah louw 24 12000

The File name is "Stuff.txt"
how can i write the unix command line that would extract all the Age values from the file?

thansk a lot for your help!
17 years ago
ColumnA ColumnB

Function name: MyAverage
Input: the array of the above 5 cell (I hope i can be dynamic)
output: average of the non #NA cell. In this case 2.3333
Can anyone shed some light to write this little macro
17 years ago
If I would like to record the conversation (but incoming audio and outgoing audio) by
the audio conversation from MSN/yahoo messenger or whatever.
Which software did you recommend? I use total recorder and it can only record my outgoing voice.
17 years ago
I mean even if I do replace all, it still prompt me to pick the files for so many times.... any way to get around with this?

J. Byan
18 years ago
In my excel, there are more than one hundred cells which is referring to another file, official.xls:


I would like to change it to the exact same file location:



However, everytime when I change the cell, it prompt me in the window browser and asked me to
pick which file I would like to choose.

It's quite annoying that I have to pick p:\EXTEND\official.xls for >100 times.
Anyone can help me to turn the prompt off?

Really appreciated your help!
18 years ago
thanks so much lewin,
is VC2003 also an editor?

Or it's just compiler and I need another text editor to edit c?
18 years ago
My class need us to get a C compiler and an editor.
Any recommendation on the window base software which I can use?
Thanks for your help!

18 years ago
sorry, not funny
18 years ago
I am currently using win xp sp2. While I am using the filmstrip function which window provide, I can easily rotate my 2.0 megapixel (1600 X 1200) picture taken from my camera. However, for my 4.0 megapixel picture (1704 X 2272), after I click the rotate, it just does not move.

Are there such a limitation? Or it's just my window's problem?
Please let me know.

Thanks a lot for all your help!
18 years ago

I am currently using a nokia phone and I wanna backup the phone and change to other brand cell phone.

After I used the software nokia PC suite, all my message, contact are backup as nfc, nfb extension file. Does any one know how I can process and read this file?

Thanks a lot for your help!

18 years ago
i have a new dell keyboard with some button designed for media.
There are "play", "stop"...etc.
Currently, it's used for window media player.
Are there a way that I change the button in order to control the Real Player instead?
Thanks for your help!
18 years ago