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Recent posts by jimme van der meer

Ron McLeod wrote:

jimme van der meer wrote:Ye I tried that but didnt work

I just ran this (Windows 10, Java 8) and a file manager window opened - no cmd window.

Yes thanks, that works for me aswell, but when I run the bat file it somehow remains open.

The bat file contains:

start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\GameforgeLive\Games\GBR_eng\AION\Download\bin32\aion.bin" -ip: -port:2106 -cc:2 -noauthgg -ls -charnamemenu -lang:enu

What it does is, it runs the game by the given file locations of the 32bit bin file.
5 years ago
Ye I tried that but didnt work
5 years ago
I want the cmd.exe window to close after this line:

Because now window remains open after it executes the command in cmd.

I could run this as alternative but there must be another way

Kind regards, Jimme
5 years ago
I know this is a basic question but I really struggle with this

First class:

Second Class:

Third class:


I know I make a new object in class A thats why the sysout returns 0. How can I make it so that I GET the value 2 instead of null in class A, and that I'm able to SET things in class B. So I stay at the same object so to say.

I just want to be able to SET things in class B and GET that same value from the setter-getter-class-C, in class A. Please help

Thanks in advance, Jimme
5 years ago
For the people that still run into the same problem, just like me today... There is an even easier solution:

- make a new class in eclipse with the exact same package and class name.
- save the class in eclipse and locate it in your eclipse workspace which was for me C:\Users\VDM\Desktop\workspaceLaptop\DemoJSP\build\classes\com\example\web\BeerSelect.class
- copy that class to your deployment environment for me C:\apache-tomcat-7.0.47\webapps\Beer-v1\WEB-INF\classes\com\example\web

And you're done.. The cool thing about eclipse is that it automatically compiles the .java to .class for you without these (complicated) cmd commands.
You can probably do it with any java compiler that automatically generates .class files, just make sure you use the same package and class name as they ask in the book

I'm new on this forum so I will do a small introduction, I'm Jimme van der Meer, I'm from Holland, studying software engineering and I'm looking for abit of help on this app.

I want to make a simple chat client to put on my website as an Applet that is using IRC protocols.
The connection is established and I'm in the IRC server>channel but I can't figure out how to send messages to the server.

Now the first question is: I've read about the printwriter to send messages but is that necessary when I got a BufferedWriter already?
Second question: I know that I'll have to add threads to this app, I know how they work for the most part, but first I want to test if I'm able to send a message to the server, I hope this is possible without threads?
Last but not least: I'm able to write messages to my own computer as local server but to IRC seems tickier, so how the hell do I send a message to the IRC sever?

Here's the start of my source code, I'll hope somebody is able to help.
Thanks in advance Jimme

I tried googling it and I've read the book head first java but there are not enough examples on how to write a message to an IRC server