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Recent posts by Math Silva

Most of the time I work with C++ and Java for Desktop, the time I spent on web development are very very few. As far as the web app of my products are just a small complement of the system and my clients are the internal clients of the company I work for, thereĀ“s not much to worry about (they're not pick at all). However, I fell like I really need to improve my web skills since I'm usually targeting further and I'm never conformed with the situation I'm at the moment. Also I'm starting my studies in J2EE.

I already use HTML, PHP, CSS and JS but I've never actually read a book from any of these languages, all I do is the basic.

Based on my background is this book appropriate for me?

PS: I've read some reviews in Amazon and the book sounds stunning. I'm just worried about the prerequisites necessary for an appropriate understanding of the book.
Seems to be a great book. Congratulations for the contribution to the community. I'm sure it will be a sucess ;-)
7 years ago
Page 682. Last sentence says:

Rember, static inner classes can't access instance methods or variables.

I believe it should be "static nested class", right?