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Recent posts by feras almasri

In fact what I have is

two invoke getting a result from two web services in a complex data type as array then I need to combine the result in one array to present it. As I saw in Oracle I can use mergenode but that is not working with eclipse.
7 years ago
Could anyone help me how to merge to complex array after invoking from two web services.

7 years ago
Hello there,

I'm trying to lunch an application on my end point after I import it and reconfigured the files. it's giving this error message I can't understand why. I tried to import another projects or create a new one it's working properly except this one which is working with other people
thanks in advance.

7 years ago
The mistake was that I didn't use new map each time I want to add a new map in the list. but I can't understand why it needs that?

8 years ago
Hello. I have a map list updated during condition procedure and at the end of the procedure I add the map to the arraylist before the second update.
when I print the map before I add it to the arraylist it shows me correct answer but when I print the arraylist at the end it gives me the same result for all the maps inside it.

it seems like it copying the last map into multiple items instead of adding a different map in the arraylist each time I use add.

The code up shows that when I print the map it shows me different answer each time I call it.

put at then end the all result of this arrylist is the same
8 years ago
thanks, I'm doing that and I used a static variable between the two threads.

I have another question now. how can I ask the other client to wait until the server send to it a message I use this but it seems not working

I can't I think I'm in a two different threads.

Or maybe not I can't decide.

Anyway if I'm in a one thread how can send form the second condition the variable of the first object of the first condition.
while I'm in a two different thread how can I send an information between two clients

I'm receiving two different objects from two user based on the connection I need to send the KCWS from the first onject to the second object while the KCWS generated after the the second object starts before the first object.
Ok this was the problem when I added to the client it worked

I don't know why ?
It supposed to be that.
because when I run to services of the first client it respond correctly except when I run this another client
now I'm getting this error message when I'm trying to connect the server by another thread client

java connection reset

at the same time when I connect it with the first one it's working

First client connection working

Second client giving exception in the server side

Server Side... the error in the reading line

This is what I already did I'm call the configuration function to change the port for the next server.
My question is it correct to do that?

one more question if two clients connected to the server can I give an information from the first client to the second client?
my problem is not with the other server my problem in the client to change the connection to the next server