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Recent posts by Gautam Joshi

Hi Catherine..,

There is no difference in these, except the way of expression you choose.

both will do the same thing.. but one is Handy( i += 1;) and the other is not(Not in this case, but when there is a long name of a member).
9 years ago
Hi Jake,

Yes, it is used in the for loop, and that is the only reason why I said that just try to look at the authors blog about the book... you are using.. because, it seems like printing mistake..

In the method x is not used..
9 years ago
Hi Jake,

Use the "Code" button, and paste your code inside the "[code=java]your code will goes here..[/code]"
(just check out the attachement image.., it will format your code)
read first How to ask questions on the forum because, It will not only help you
but answer of your question will come in a great speeedy way..!!

and in java boolean is either "true" or "false" it is not compare with any integer value. int will be consider as a int only.

Now, your question about frighten method..
it seems like there is a printing mistake..because, int variable x is not being used in any method.
So, try to access a blog of the author which is very common for any book where printing mistakes has been discussed..including some other good topics of the partiular book.

Sorry, I think the Code button is not working properly..we should ask this to mentor..
9 years ago
Hi Joel,

I have just looked around the new features of a Netbeans 8.0 and I am totally flattered with this new COOL features and
now get that you can even develop commercial application without paying any kind of license fees. Before some years ago it was not the case,if I am not wrong.

Thanks & Regards,
Gautam joshi.
9 years ago
Hi Bruce,
I think first line of that code snippet have xml declaration....

It seems like printing mistakes..and it is any book you will find it..!!

With Regards...!!
9 years ago
Hi Emily..

Here, you are accessing instance variable counter of object m4a of calss Mix4.

Here, in this while loop total 9 instances has been instantiated via statement : " m4a[x] = new Mix4(); "

and then,

the instance, which is just created, accessed it's own instance variable counter via dot operator and increment it by one.
Here, through out the completion of while loop,
ALL NINE instances' instance member, counter, has been accessed and incremented +1 by its previous counter value(in this case it is zero for all).// m4a[x].counter = m4a[x].counter + 1;

for the first time:

m4a[0].counter is being incremented and then
m4a[1].counter... and so on..!!

You can always access your members (including, instance members and class members) via dot operator.

Class members: "These are the members who has been declared with 'static' access specifier in the class definition. To access this you need not need to create instance of class. "
Instance members: "These are the members who has been declared non-static, you always need to create a instance of a class, like here: Mix4[x] m4a = new Mix4();"

But, by the way,, can
9 years ago
I really like..what you have said, and convinced with your decision of choosing netbeans as well as with the technique you are using.

Now, I have no doubt regarding your book. Actually, your books are popular in students. But I just want to ask the questions which is raised in my mind.

Thanks.. for sharing your precious time to make my doubt clear.!

Of Course, I am even interested in win this book..LOL...., If not win, I will purchase it.
9 years ago
Hi Murach,

I am planning to buy new book for JSP and Servlet , So, I want to know about the methodology to make topic graspable very quickly,if you have applied
as HFJS has already implemented one, Brain Friendly. This is my first question...What methodology you have applied for us?

and my another question is : Why you have choosed Netbeans IDE over Eclipse..? Because, eclipse is widely used in the industry. Advance.

With Regards.
9 years ago
O.K. Mayur, I got it. and again Thanks.. for sharing.

What changes you have made in your code if you will share here, It will be helpful to others too..

Hi Mayur,

I think you should try this.

Just remove the quotes of TABLE names and COLUMN names from the CREATE TABLE statements.

I think this link will help you :
Hi Mayur,

In your query of orderlines just chek out the line no. 9 : remove underscore( _ ) from the ('order_id') and check it out.
Hi Marco,

yes, You are right..., here in this example there is no problem to use this. But suppose,
if there is a method overridden concept is being applied then it would be fine to use this and super keyword explicitly
with the both name and method to target which one we want to call. OR if you have local variable of the same
name in same scope then to address the instance variable you should use this keyword otherwise local variable value will be used..
9 years ago

Here, the difference is this.creditro is referring the instance variable value and this.getCredito() is calling a method of this object..

just understand what is happening here..

at Line no. 39 : this.credito = this.getCredito() + valorrecebido;

this.credito is refering to this instance variable, which is being assigned at this line...with the value of cerdito + valorecebido,
here, we assume that credito = 0; and valorecebido = 50 so now at the line no. 39 credito value will become 50, which is 0(zero) before the execution of this line;

goining furthure,

at Line no. 40 : this.credito = getCredito() + valorrecebido;

Here, this.credito = 50 and will be incemented by 50.. and this .credito = 100, How??

Let's see, credito is being assigned with getCredito() + valorrecebido(), here, getCredito()
will give us a value = 50 ( because, the above line has just assined a vaue of 50 to this.credito which is first 0, check it.)
and valorrecebido value is in this scope is 50 what we assumed ,
so the ultimate value of this.credito will be 100 after the line no. 40 is being executed.

at Line no. 50 : the same thing will be repeted and the ultimate value of this.credito will become 100 + 50 = 150.

9 years ago
Hi Lou,

Just install Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE) from eclipse market place which includes Glassfish support for ecipse and much more.

And remember that when you are installing J2EE JDK you will get the GF in it. you don't need it separately.

And eclipse required plugins to be installed for GF.

Instructions for installing Plugins:

Just Open Help menu > select Eclipse Market Place.

Write OEPE in serach box > select Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse from the List and Press Install button.

Afer installing this plugins when you try to create project at that time you will get the option to choose the server
and at this time if you have installed J2ee jdk instaled then you will see the glassfish server options will be there.