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Book Title:
Head First EJB
Is the book out in the market? If no, when it is xpected?
I am using iterative and incremental development process. How can it be used effectively with Ms Visual Source Safe tool? One of the options is to create Iterations as a project folder in Iteration1, Iteration2. Keep a time-boxed deadline for each iteration.
Now my point is: In the Iteration2, if a developer uses a piece of code from Iteration1 then changes on that code needs to saved as part of Iteration2. Does VSS provide any automation for that OR is it a pure manual process?
What is the purpose of this method? Any good example which justifies the use of ejbPostCreate()?
I have two questions concerning EJBs:
- For a Stateful session bean, is there a concept of instance pooling by the server?
- Does Stateless OR Stateful session beans supports concurrent requests?
As the Door says:
Show me the way to the
next whiskey bar

A whiskey with Jim. Three cheers! to Jim
19 years ago
The best example of Composition would be:
A State is a part of a Country
which means
that particular state cannot be part of any other country.
the part is: State
the whole is: Country
It also means Country is composed of States. If the State is deleted, the Country ceases to exist.
Hey Guys
Lets not make our minds lousy by posting any topics in any forum. Before posting any question OR a topic, make sure it is within the context of the forum title.
To be precise, lets say you have a topic which is purely a basic Java fundamental question then you should not post this to the Performance forum.
There are various demerits of not honoring the forum title as it says:
- The required discussion chain is lost. People starts discussing something else than about the actual forum title.
- A particular forum loses its actual ingredients. So when a new comer joins that forum, he/she is in a perplexed state.
- If the discussion continues which is not in the context of a particular forum title, the forum goes in an awry OR a messed state.
Yes, the moderators are available to perform the actual scrutiny but why trouble them. This is very basic and fundamental which I guess everyone can follow.
And the merits: the end we can have the lousiest minds
Thanx for the wonderful and kind co-operation.
- Raj
19 years ago
What is an EMail component?
Rule of a thumb:
Your diagram should fit in A4 size paper with max landscape orientation.
Controller and MVC are both architecture patterns. MVC is more popularly known as an architecture rather than pattern. Though MVC is actually a pattern used as a foundation architecture which divides the application into component layers viz. Model, View and Controller.
To conclude:
Both are different set of patterns.

Originally posted by happyboy jmw:
Association class can be derived from two situations: first,many to many relations

Yes can you give some examples.
OR rather it is not always true?
An association class is derived due to many-to-many relationships between two classes.
Is it true?
Lets start with public static variables.
Lets say in our application we have some public static variables declared to be used globally. These variables can be referenced using the class names and can be done so by all the components of an application, Now:
Does it mean that the application can perform relatively fast if it has to access such static variables than instance variables.
i.e. if these variables are redefined as instance variables, will it make a difference.

19 years ago
Hi Ilja
The article about global variables was good. My concern is:
Can it be related with performance?
I guess if you have too many global variables, the program performance is relatively good.
I mean I am not sure whether it logical to relate performance with global variables
19 years ago